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I am a doctor. This is why the new hangover pills are "dangerous"

A new "cure" for sickness swept the UK and sold out in a few days.

 Myrkl pills have been found to make drinkers feel "fresh" after drinking ale.

However, one doctor warns that supplements are actually "dangerous" and consumers should be careful to take them to cure headaches.

TikTok,Karan RajanDr. Karan Rajan provided his followers with a two-pound pop "cure".

He states: "This is a pre-drink tablet that appears to contain two types of bacteria that can break down alcohol in the intestine and relieve symptoms before it reaches the liver."

Pill The price ofis 30 tablets for £ 30, which is 15 uses. In a test, the

journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insights reported that subjects had 70% less alcohol in their blood one hour after the two vocca.

Dr. Karan said about the price, the tablet is "great".

He added:

"All study participants were healthy and white-a very limited dataset.

" Worse, only 14 out of 24 people. It wasn't. ”

Guidance on how to use the pill states that it should be taken twice, at least 1 hour before and up to 12 hours before.

Dr. Karanadded: One week's worth of two tablets a day.

"In addition, they only tested with a small amount of alcohol.

" To me, this seems like a lot of hype.

} The author states that it is 100% natural vegan and is based on a mixture of high performance bacteria rich in L-cysteine ​​and  . 49} Vitamin B12.

Myrkl is not suitable forpregnant,breastfeedingor under 18 years old

Participants in clinical trials who drank two glasses of wine and took supplements before drinking had an average 50% reduction in blood alcohol after 30 minutes.

60 minutes Later, it decreased by 70% and significantly decreased. It reduced the effect of alcohol on the body.

'There is no cure'

But as Dr. Karan pointed out, They tested the pill only with 0.3g of liquor per kg of body weight.

De Faire Medical, the inventor of Håkan Magnusson sh in Sweden, said:

"When I go out for a drink, I give it to my friends, but the next day they always feel good."

Talk to the sunDr. Fox Online Dr. Deborally of the pharmacy said that if the pill manufacturer's claim is true, Myrkl may reduce the usual addiction after drinking a few drinks of alcoholic beverages.

She states: "It makes sense that some of the sickness symptoms that normally follow a drinking attack are alleviated because blood alcohol levels are reduced and the liver metabolizes less alcohol.

" It also lowers the levels of acetaldehyde, a toxic metabolic breakdown product, which is believed to be the cause of many sickness symptoms.

"Myrkl" stops getting drunk in the first place. It is not a remedy, not a "cure for sickness".

Dr. Fox said that light drinkers don't really need this product, but drink more while using the new supplement. He added that you shouldn't be fooled into being able to do it.

"The government's recommendation is still to drink less than 14 units of alcohol per week.

" Do not drink more than 6 units at a time. Also, drink alcohol. Drink a few of the ones you don't include. Every day.

"For those who are heavy drinkers or dependent on alcohol, it is unlikely to have a significant impact and will leave alcohol It can make it worse. 

"Who finds it useful is a moderate drinker-moderate drinking is a man who drinks two cups a day and one cup a day. Defined as a woman drinking alcoholic beverages. "