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I'm a fashion expert – here's the exact age you should throw away some of your favorite clothes

Do you still want to wear a miniskirt in your 40s? She is the daughter of Victoria Beckham, and the 48-year-old says no.

Harper, 10 years old, thinks that the mini her mother wore was "unacceptable" while she was at the Spice Girls. .. She doesn't care now. But which other outfit should she have a best-by date?

Fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend recommends an age at which popular styles should be abandoned.

Miniskirt: Absolutely after 40 years old

Fashion mogulVictoria Beckhamhas a Pilates stone pin that needs to be shown off, but her daughter If you don't want to bother Harper, she may want to stick to Midi Dress from now on.

Fellow Fashion DesignerDonatella Versace, 67 said last year that "confidence is key when wearing a mini dress, regardless of body shape or social position."

Harpercan also say one or two about kermit green thigh-high boots.

Budgerigar smugglers: Absolutely after age 40

It's a mistake to see budgerigar smugglers on any of the beaches of Brighton, Benidorum and Barbados. There is none.

Being able to pull them out almost always depends on self-confidence.

White D&See model David Gandy, 42 in the G briefs. However, the singerRod Stewartis 77 years old and his small looks like a string bikini. I'm sorry.

Denim Jeans: Absolutely after age 50

Jeremy Clarkson, 62, would have first admitted that he wasn't a style icon.

ButTV moderatorsand farmers previously said that "funerals and jeans are suitable for everything else."

As far as I am concerned, older gentlemen should avoid elastic denim.

Aloha shirts: Absolutely after the age of 40

Aloha shirts are synonymous with two types of men. Love Island youth in their 20s and a holiday midlife broke.

Today's youth wear undone or matching shorts, but you need to look at things like actorsGeoff Goldblum, 69 ..

Unless stylish, a silver fox like Jeff, you need to hang you permanently at 40. Obsession with appearance was coined by Sandlercore.

According to Google, the 55-year-old actor was even named one of last year's stylish top stars because of his love for oversized hoodies and jogging.

But I suggest you bottle a dirty lounge by your thirties.

Soccer Shirts: Absolutely after 20 years

When England played in the euro last year, we all wanted football to come back. And many of us wore shirts as a sign of loyalty.

But one of the top three lions who didn't look good wasBoris Johnson, 58. The Prime Minister pulled his England kit over a shirt and tie that was still visible. Maybe we should leave the football strip to kids and true sports fans.

Crop Top: 35

It's time to get rid of the midriffs unless you're looking at your twenties like BGT JudgeAmanda Holden, 51. rice field.

When you're in a hurry for your 40s, retire your little tops andLove Islanders

Bikinis: NEVER AFTER 50

ActressBrooke Shields, 57, looked incredible with this gingham two-piece last year.

However, etiquette expert William Hason said: Their skin has lost its suppleness.

Stiletto shoes: Absolutely

actressSharon Stone, 64 are determined to continue to wear towering heels after age 60.

She wore this green sword at theCannes Film Festivaland tackled the famous red staircase, with young stars includingKristen Stewart, 32. , Incident.

Be careful about the thorns, whether you're heading to a school disco or a local Bingo Hall. But if you see 60 in the rearview mirror, stick flat.

Leather Pants: NEVER AFTER 60

MOMAGER Kris Jenneris the best to catch up with the trend-setting daughters who are all fans of PVC and leather. I'm doing my best.

And, fortunately for Chris (66), she can make leather trousers look beautiful at any age.

Her daughterKim, 41 chooses a second skin style that shows off her famous curves, but the manager of theKardashianclan, I prefer straight and loose cuts. Much more forgiving.

However, she still needs a little talc to pull them out.