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I am a beautician. A 7-step guide to washing your hair the right way. And that's the part that everyone always forgets.

Hairdresser has revealed the right way for all of us to wash our hair. Moreover, it is part of a process that everyone seems to forget in the process.

TikTok Account VenturaHairStudio (profile@venturahairstudio) shared a video titled "Are you washing your hair properly?" To your account.

Then they continued to show the correct way to shampoo in a simple step-by-step tutorial. 

First, they say "wet the hair completely" and use a small shower head to show that they are ready to shampoo the entire head from root to end. I did. 

Then they said it was important to "whistle the shampoo before applying it to the hair" and rub it with both hands, rather than putting it directly on the lock. 

The third step is to apply generously from the root to the center and massage the liquid before proceeding to the next step, "scrub, scrub, scrub". 

The beautician first showed how important it is to focus on the top of the hair of .

Then, once it is properly massaged, move down towards the edge with a light stroke.

Ventura Hair Studio shared more important tips with its followers. "Don't forget your [neck] nose." 

Then it became clear that it was time to rinse before repeating the shampoo process again.

Experts write: The first shampoo opens the hair cuticle and the second shampoo removes all dirt and grease from the hair.

In the final part of the process, squeeze out excess water from the hair and apply the selected conditioner. 

They continued: "Apply conditioner to medium length and finish instead of your roots."

Conditioner helps hair growth and Continuing to say that they would increase the thickness of their hair, they concluded that:

"Rinse! Rinse! Rinse! Finally, cold-shot the hair and close the hair cuticle completely."