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I was always bitten by a mosquito magnet – now I have some great tips to prevent it from being bitten

Summer is here. This may mean the sun, the sea, the sand, or it may be necessary to dodge mosquitoes and other insects. Talking to

Apartment Therapy, Stephanie Nguyen used to be a mosquito magnet, but now there are some tips to help prevent stings. You don't have to sit inside hiding from these creepy crawling magnets.


Mosquitoes are attracted to people in dark clothes, so switch to more colorful clothes as soon as warm weather begins.

Consider layering clothes to further protect your skin. However, this can be difficult depending on the location and temperature.

Wear a jacket if the heat allows, especially when walking near stagnant water.

Do not wear strong perfumes as these scents can attract mosquitoes.


There are many deterrents you can use to discourage mosquitoes from coming near you.

Lavender is arguably one of the best natural mosquito deterrents,  According to a 2009 survey, lavender oil repels 93% of indoor mosquitoes. It had a rate of about 53% evasion. Against outdoor mosquitoes.

Stephanie says he switched to lavender and mint shampoo and conditioner. 

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint DuoandDrOrganic Lavender ShampooThere are many options on High Street.

Stephanie also ignitescitronella candlesandincense sticksto repel insects and enhance the scent of homes and gardens.


There are many plants that can help fight mosquitoes, but first check if they are suitable for your home.

Citronella glass can repel these annoying buzzers, but it can also be toxic to pets and may not be the best option.

Stephanie proposes lemon balm, basil and rosemary for pet-friendly mosquito-free zones.

Mandatory Items

 Stephanie has many items in case the sting still occurs during the summer.

These summer essentials are insect repellent sprays, anti-itch creams and antihistamines.

She recommends off! It's a cream that relieves itching and itching, but it's not available in the UK. 

Alternative options include theZMOO Insect Bite Relief PenorInsect Bite Healer.