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I’m a sex expert – 5 things women REALLY like doing in bed, and why 13 minutes is the ideal session length


Number four is a great way to spice up long-term relationships

WHEN it comes to sex and what people like - there are many assumptions.

Many tend to believe the things men like women don't and vice versa, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, sex expert Tracey Cox has revealed many women enjoy giving oral sex to their blokes, despite a widespread notion thinking they don't.

And that's not all, writing for the Mail Online, Tracey conducted research to find the five things women enjoy most in the bedroom and some might surprise you.

She spoke to numerous women from the ages of 18 to 73, all sexually active and either single or in relationships to find out how women really feel about certain acts in the bedroom.

Oral sex

It turns out lots of women enjoy giving their partner oral sex noting it gives them power over him, enjoy seeing their partner satisfied and making them aroused too.

In fact 93% of women say they find it enjoyable but it does come with a catch.

Many said they were put off doing it for pushy men (naturally), a penis that isn't properly washed and swallowing.


Many would say this is really the main event of it all, wouldn't they?

And while some men assume you have to go for hours to make it a good session, women don't tend to agree.

In fact the perfect time spent on intercourse for women was just 13 minutes.

But one downside for many women was the expectation to reach an orgasm through intercourse alone.

Less than fifth of women said they could reach new heights with penetration alone and often need clitoral stimulation to go along with it.

Anal sex

It seems anal sex caused the most divide in Tracey's research.

Many said it felt more intense than vaginal sex - while others said it just felt painful.

In fact, the enjoyment of anal sex is dependent on each individual woman.

One woman who spoke to Tracey on the positives said: "'I like it just as much as vaginal sex. Maybe more.

"It's intense and a feeling unlike any other. You're doing something kinky which is always a turn-on. But you should only ever do it with someone you really trust. Your lover has to be careful and patient and you have to give lots of feedback and take things really slowly."

Watching porn together

Pornography has always been an emotive subject for women - especially considering the potential of female exploitation that comes from within the industry.

While some women don't enjoy watching it, there are plenty who do - especially with their partners.

Many revealed it has helped keep the spark alive with their long-term partners, while others said it helps speed sex up.

Another bonus that came form watching it was that it made many feel more comfortable talking to their partner about what they like and don't like when it comes to sex.

Dressing up

Dressing up for sex can be an easy way to add some spice back into the bedroom and make you feel your best as well.

When it comes down to it women much prefer going for sexy lingerie sets but the maid outfit is still top of the list for most men.

94% of people said they loved dressing up - however women don't want to feel like they have to do it every time.