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I'm an interior designer – 5 cheap and easy tips to make even the smallest bathroom look big

Not all homes are large enough for a large bathroom with fashionable showers and other expensive features.

But that doesn't mean that the small bathroom still doesn't look stylish.

Interiors pro Zahire Cury explains: “If you pay attention to the details of the design, from the color to the type of tile, the small bathroom will look great.”

You don't have to break the bank to make the small bathroom look bigger. There are some useful hacks that are perfect for tight budgets.

Think about colors and textures

According to professionals, "In a small bathroom, it's ideal to choose a palette of bright colors.

" It's a pure white bath The room is the best and only option. You can combine different tiles, but focus on making the bathroom look bigger with bright and soft colors.

Uniformity is important

You want a small bathroom to look bigger. If there is uneven space, it will quickly look small.

The pro said: Hue or color family.

"The contrast of the texture keeps the space unified."

Utilizes vertical space

Zahira is a small space He explained that there isn't much small space to store things, so you need to take advantage of the vertical space.

"In a visually small space, it is essential to emphasize the vertical lines in order to open the room and create a spacious feeling."

This is from the floor to the ceiling. This can be achieved by installing up to shelves or by installing a mirror that goes to the highest point of the wall.

Hidden compartment

Small bathrooms don't have storage space, so things may need to be a little tricked.

Hidden compartments are a great and cheap way to do this without destroying the entire bathroom.

As an easy and stylish option, you can add a new bathroom mirror that doubles as a shelf.

Get rid of clutter

Putting all possible bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the shower may make life easier, but make the bathroom look smaller It will also be.

Stick to one or two simple-looking bottles and store the rest to create a more modern-looking bathroom.