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I bought two pairs of plus size, premarked and exactly the same shorts. Black shorts fit, but blue shorts don't work.

SHE needed new summer clothes, so I decided to shop at Primark.

But when she got home, she was confused because Savannah tried two pairs of the same shorts of different colors-only one fit her curve. ..

When I first tried the black pair, they did it easily.

"These shorts were size 18 and cost £ 10. They're mom's shorts," she said.

"They love how they tighten my hips.

" They are very comfortable. I can't eat in them, but they are very comfortable. 15}

"I'm confused," Savannah sighed.

"These are exactly the same shorts, but in blue, they don't fit.

" The math doesn't match. "

That's the only thing that doesn't suit her. Not that.

She wanted to be more successful with black denim cropped tops, but she admitted that she "should have been bigger" because she had no benefit. I did.

"I should have known better, it's a denim top, I should have increased the size," she said.

"This was size 16 and this top was £ 12."

White clothes made her look like a "painter and decorator", but she likes it. A pair of jeans that really suits her from a budget store that wasn't.

"That's just typical," she raged.

"They fit, so they really fit.

" I don't like them, I don't play like them. "

Shirring dresses weren't a big deal from the savanna either. She insisted that she "doesn't emphasize any part of my figure," just as her lemon-printed two-piece made her look like "someone's curtain."

But it wasn't a complete loss.

The neon cargo pair was flattering and comfortable, only £ 15 as I praised how the savanna looked like her ass.

And she took the 10-pound skirt she called "everything" in her hand and added: "This skirt is everything. It was £ 10, 14-16.

" And it's absolutely beautiful. I love it-I have the right underwear. "

"This was a hilarious Sav," one person commented on the video.

"Similar to one of my Primark hauls. The sizing is very random!"

"Sizing is strange," Savannah replied.

"The size of the premark is only bold," another person added.

While one-third is writing, "Primark sizing is confusing to me."