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Sharing a shocking scan of my little girl's face after a horrific water slip accident

MUM shared a scan of her little girl's face after she had a horrific slip accident.

Anonymous mother wrote on social media and warned otherparentsto stop their children from climbing the slide. 

When her 10-year-old daughter fell and hit her face against a hard surface, she was climbing a water slide.

The youth ended up with "the biggest dental trauma the emergency hospital has ever seen."

A story with rounded toes and a scan of a girl's shattered skull was posted onTiny Hearts EducationInstagram.

The upset mother said:

"I didn't think our weekend would end that way.

" She went down the slide with her brother. Then they said her brother When I took her out and lost his foothold, I decided to flip the slide up the wrong way.

"She fell forward on the slide and sniffed her two front teeth. Knocked into the area, lost the entiretooth,spit into my hand, causing multiple fractures in the alveolar bone. Her jaw [holding the tooth]. "

A doctor who had surgery on the mouth, jaw, and face operated on the girl, reattached the lost teeth, and transplanted stints to prevent loose teeth from falling out.

But even after the surgeon "stitched her mouth", her trials are not over yet.

The mother wrote:

"I didn't expect such an injury to occur when walking up a water slide, but there is a reason for the signs.

"This is the biggest tooth trauma we've ever seen in an emergency hospital."

Tiny Hearts saysfirst aidand spot {methods { Educate parents about. 39} Children's red health flagadvised what to do if your child's teeth are missing.

They said:

  • Treat teeth with a crown (smooth white areas, blunt areas)
  • If dirty, milk or physiology Rinse with saline for a few seconds (do not use water!)
  • Do not dry your teeth. Put in saliva, milk, or saline
  • If the tooth that comes out is a baby's tooth, don't try to put it back in the gum