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I was fat shy on my way to Turkey, the woman asked if I was reserved for my stomach sleeve – she didn't know the truth

Great place if you need a stomach sleeve or new teeth.

But when someone thought he was going there for weight loss surgery at the airport on his way to Turkey, one woman remained smoking-just because of her size.

Keeley McCabe took her to Tik Tok and remembered her fat and embarrassing story.

"As you know, I went to Turkey a few weeks ago. When I was lining up at the airport and waiting for luggage check-in, the woman behind me told me that I was in Istanbul. A line to go to, "she began.

"She looks up and down at me and says," Oh, you'll have surgery. "

"And I was like," Well, uh. "

But Kelsey realized how rude it was after having the opportunity to look back on what the woman said.

"She was a fat man, Turkey, I was going to surgery," she smoked.

"That is, obviously she was right, but I think it's really bad."

People in the comments section immediately sympathized with Kelsey, and she said: I am writing. "I don't know why people think they have the right to comment on the weight and body of others anyway!"

"Wow. Some people don't think before talking," another person said. Added.

"How my mouth fell ..." Others commented.

Written by another person. Their own business as a plus I experienced weight stigma&discrimination against Damax. "

Others remembered a similar situation where they found themselves.

" lol I made a mistake several times pregnant. Someone wrote.

"I went to a hospital where I couldn't breathe because of Covid," another person added.

"I immediately put it in my side room and asked how many weeks were I pregnant?"

"When I was walking on the beach on a holiday, two locals Snorted and laughed like a pig, "commented the third. At that time, it was just a little thick.