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In the day of Boris Johnson from hell after the resignation of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid's bombs put him in jeopardy

Boris Johnson's day began with prayer and ended with sticking to the harsh hope that he could still survive.

In the meantime, he lostPrime MinisterandHealth Ministerand waited worried about other ministers. Cabinet meeting — may go.

Overwhelmed by the days of sex scandals and awakened to more horrifying headlinesthe embarrassed Prime Ministerheaded for Congressional prayer breakfast.

When Charles I sat just a few meters from where he was sentenced to death, a line of hymns echoing around Westminster Hall said, "We are from all enemies. Please rescue me. "

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, across the town, had already determined that breakfast was sufficient and he planned to resign.

No10'smiserable attemptChrisPinchergroping scandal.

Rishi's allies said: It itself indicates a problem.

Another snack friend said: It got in the way of being able to do whatever the country needed.

"The constant change from problem to problem was sufficient, meaning that the public was not treated honestly about the reality of the economy."

Next week The plans for the joint speech were already tense, but whatPrime Ministerknew and the line at the end of the allegedly promoted sexual pests to the center of government continued to change. I broke the camel's back.

Rishi's allies added: And it was enough by Tuesday morning.

When Rishi was plotting to resign,Sir Simon McDonald, the exiled boss of the Foreign Ministry, sharpened his knife and stabbed the Prime Minister in front of him.

His bomb letter at 8 am informed that thePrime Ministerwas informed of the bomb's sexual pest allegations regarding Mr. Pincher when he was Foreign Minister in 2019. I made it clear.

And he blamedBorisrowing a lie net to hide the fact that he knew about it along

No10 he grenade After throwing, I made a phone call to the flagship 8.10am Today program slot Make sure everyone in Westminster found his letter

His revelation was a few days ago. Along with the lines rowed by the Cabinet Minister to protect Boris, he set the number of days worth defending Downing Street on fire.

Boris' leadership said last Thursday when the sun revealed exclusively that Mr. Pincherhad groped for two men at the Tory drinking fountain Carlton Club. I fell into a new crisis.

With blazing momentum, No10 forged a series of confusing mixed messages about what and when Boris knew.

Initially, his team claimed that he was unaware of "any claim" about Mr. Pincher when he promoted him in February this year. A few days later, this turned into aPMthat didn't know about the "specific claim".

Eventually, Boris knew "some claims", but said they were "solved or did not progress."

While the Prime Minister was having breakfast in the ancient hall, his loyal adjutantDominic Raabwas "directly reported" to the radio station about his allegations against the pincher at FCDO. He said he guaranteed no. ..

However, Sir McDonald blew off this line of defense and aired the minister humiliatingly.


One hour later, a photo from the Cabinet tells their own story. Boris struck his notepad with his usual intense, courageous and energetic vows to "help people above and below the country with living expenses."

However, the room was not fascinated by the prime minister's usual magic. Even the strongest alliesNadindriesandJacob Lee Smogwere shy.

One cabinet minister joked, "I was wondering who would give out the cyanide pills and looked around."

Labor Pension SecretaryTherese Coffeystared at a thousand yards after being humiliated on national television defending an soon-to-be-collapsed line.

At least two people around the table knew it would be the last cabinet to attend under this Prime Minister.

During the day, about five to six ministers, including Rishi and the Minister of HealthSazid Javid, hung out on each other to relieve frustration.

They said "I have to do something", "I can't keep things like this"

But I'm afraid that their words will soon leak No one said he would resign.

A few hours later, at No. 9 next door, journalists were apparently confused by No. 10 and then gathered in a high-tech media briefing room to ask for an answer.

The normal 11.30 meeting started 34 minutes late.

Sitting at his desk, the Prime Minister's official spokesman shuffled his treatise and read the proceedings of the day.

Then he began answering brutal and serious questions from journalists who were angry at the misunderstanding.

Pincher's Complaint

In Congress, super-faithful Michael Ellis was dispatched to the Prime Minister's whiplash boy in the Commons whiplash.

The minister, spoken by a lawyer, bravely defended the prime minister, trotting the official line that boss Boris "did not immediately remember" the complaint ofpincher. did.

However, the firing squad of Tory lawmakers behind him fired a volley at their man.

Rebel mastermind William Ulag should ask himself whether cabinet ministers like Ellis can no longer accept being a member of the government, which has lost their sense of purpose. ".

Magnificent Conservative Sir Bernard Jenkin asked why people with "wrong attitudes and wrong behavior" are being promoted.

And former Whip Jackie Doyle Price demanded a "complete reset of the standards". The

Prime Minister rarely visits theCommonstea room to strengthen his support and talks about dealing with the recent crisis with BBC political editor Chris Mason. Arranged to shoot the miserable apology of.

Immediately after the clip was shot, Rishi announced that he had quit No10.

However, he was beaten to his resignation post by Mr. Javid, who dropped his letter two minutes after the Prime Minister's apology.

Insiders argued that it was not a collaborative move.

Following that, the Under Secretary and the bag handler came in little by little.

Around 6 pm, Boris Johnson called an emergency meeting of ultra-local Tory lawmakers in an attempt to save his political skin.

Approximately 80 Tory lawmakers (including Lieutenant LieutenantPriti PatelandReese Smog) formed a protective guard. In a swipe in Rishi, he said he could finally cut taxes now that the Prime Minister had walked.

Loyalists say there was "a lot of support".

But one senior Tory said, "It's a curtain for him."

Witnesses said Nadin Dolly laid his arms around him, dug into it, and probably attacked to say a little prayer.

When Borisreturned to Downing Street to master the counterattack, Tory lawmakers hit the bar.

Some people headed to a fashionable drink reception over a cocktail from the Negroni fountain.

Others rushed to the terrace of the House of Commons, stirring beer and picking up the event of the day.

Just a few days ago, the Prime Minister couldn't wait to return to Britain, saying, "There is no place like a house."

After 24 hours of ferociousness, he wonders if he doesn't want to leave it on the jet forever.