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Jermaine Baker: Mother of a black man shot dead by the Metropolitan Police "doesn't understand" a legitimate murder sentence

The mother of an unarmed black man who was shot dead in a police operation that failed to prevent a prison break said his life was "deprived for no good reason."

Jermaine Baker, 28, was killed in December 2015 by an officer of theMetropolitan Police. In the car, I was waiting for a fellow criminal to jump out of the prison van.

According to public investigation, he had no weapons at the time, but was legal because the officer who shot him "honestly believed" him was a deadly threat. Was killed by.

He said that 24 failures were found in the planning and execution of police operations, but they did not cause or contribute to Mr Baker's death, without gross negligence.

Her mother, Margaret Smith, was so angry with the content of her report that she initially threw the report and said she jumped out of her room.

She said her family was "more valuable" after a seven-year campaign and a legal battle for answers.

"Jermaine was dead before he got in the car," Smith said. "His life was taken for no good reason. As I always said, he should have gone to jail like any other man in the car.

"Therefore, I can't agree with the Chair's conclusion that Germain didn't die as a result of these failures. That's a conclusion I don't understand."

Baker's partner, Tia. Demetrio told the PA press:

"It is a legitimate killing that knows that all these failures contributed to Germain's death. It is amazing that he reached these conclusions.

Ms. Demetrio added: He should have asked himself if Germain was still alive if these failures really did not occur. And I know Germain is still alive.

Relatives have long fought for justice over shooting, challenged the Royal Prosecutor's Office's decision not to prosecute the officer who killed him, and retired commander before potential disciplinary action. They failed to take the Scottish Yard to court for their decision to let them. ..

Family recruiter Michael Oswald said: As a result of these failures, we came to the conclusion that Germain did not die.

This report reports a week after Metropolitan police took special action by HM Constabulary inspectors on a variety of concerns, including a series of high-profile incidents that undermined public confidence. It was issued.

Inquest Anita Sharma, a charity of justice, said:

"We need to confirm the responsibilities of those involved in Germain's death and send a message to police leaders and officers that they are not over the law. Responsible to the police. Not inflicting creates immunity and ultimately allows death and harm to continue. "

Clement Goldstone QC, the chair of the investigation and retired judge, said the race was" It played no role in Mr Baker's death. "

He was part of a plan to intercept Custdivan with Izzet Ellen, a member of the Tottenham Turks gang. Intention to endanger life.

The conspirators used the stolen Audi, but was eavesdropped by police, targeted by an armed "extraction" operation, and arrested insiders.

Armed police carrying out the operation are not said to have been able to procure imitation guns rather than live weapons, and senior officers have been replaced by early arrests and putting Ellen down. Tighter security without including means.

At the time of the operation, the officer who shot Mr. Baker, known as W80, said, "I believed there was an attack by a group of experienced and dangerous individuals who were armed and used." Firearms ".

W80 opened the passenger door and told Baker to put his hand on the dashboard, but records of the incident indicate that other armed police were shouting "Raise your hand." Shown.

Police officers shot Baker as his hands rose toward his tall crossbody bag.

When asked if the movement is "consistent with raising hands with signs of surrender," W80 screams fellow officers to raise their hands to the car occupants. He said he hadn't heard and added: Don't wait for his hands to reach the bag ... he was convinced that there was a gun in the bag.

He fired once and hit Mr. Baker's neck. He was treated, but he was sentenced to death on the scene.

Goldstone concludes that the killing is legal and fatal because W80 "had an honest and genuine belief that Baker was working to get a firearm." Threatened.

"W80 may have been tragically wrong in his belief, but we can't conclude that it wasn't held honestly," he added.

The Scottish Yard refused to overpower to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the W80 in 2018, causing a legal battle with the Independent Police Action Bureau, which has not yet been heard by the Supreme Court.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: He keeps a record.

"We are always willing to improve our ability to face the threat of firearms."