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Kardashian fans were worried about her safety after Courtney and Travis Barker posted "concerned" about new photos.

KARDASHIAN fans are worried about the safety of Courtney and Travis Barker in the new photo.

It happens after he is released from the hospital following his "life-threatening" health fears.

Travis, 46,left Cedars-Sinai Hospital on Mondayafter spending six days under the supervision of a medical professional.

But he and his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, 43, didn't feel like staying home on July 4th. ..

Despite being discharged just a few hours ago, Travis was filmed behind the wheels of an orange Chevrolet truck.

The couple took a leisurely drive through what they call their hometown, Carabasas, with Courtney's children Reign (7) and Penelope (9).

Travis had his black hood pulled up and Courtney's hair was blown by the wind while riding top-down.

Fans were delighted to see Courtney's new beauty feel better.

When the founders of Poosh later shared Instagram Stories, the family traveled to the beach in a beautiful car to celebrate Independence Day. 

'Not safe at all'

However, somefans have seen their children riding behind the car. I was shocked to seewithout modern seat belts

Travis vintage cars are so old that they are horizontal as opposed to the safer cross-strap versions found in today's cars. I only have a seat belt.

However, Courtney was still pleased with the children coming in for the ride.

One fan wrote: "Poor children. It's not safe at all. I can't put them on such old convertible seat belts."

Another point: "Reign is 7 years old and still in booster seats." Must be. "

The pair celebrated the holiday after a traumatic week.


Travis was reported to be in a hurry, so beforehe tweeted that "God saved me." And I was worried about the fans. To the hospital.

He suffered from "severe life-threatening pancreatitis" after his pancreatic drainage tube was damaged during endoscopy.

Saturday afternoon, Travis updated his followers. "I felt good to have an endoscopy on Monday, but after dinner I had intolerable pain ..."

I have a very small polyp in a very sensitive area Was removed. It was usually treated by a specialist and unfortunately damaged an important pancreatic drainage tube. The result was severe, life-threatening pancreatitis.

'Lack of independence'

She took some time to enjoy the day with her family, but Courtney said she was Shows not celebrating Americans This year's holiday is after Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade It is about.

She shared a message: "July 4th was canceled due to lack of independence. Sincerely, a woman."