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Fans of the Island of Love say the same thing that found Jack's nasty moments in his bedroom.

Love Island fans felt uncomfortable after Jack O'Neill's boxer found dirt when he went to bed.

Fans shocked social media when they noticed what looked like awkwardly placed marks on their gray trousers.

Eagle EyedLove IslandViewers made a nasty blunder as they sawJack, 23,making beds in last night's episode. discovered.

Before climbing to bed with a new bombCheyanneKerr, he took off his underwear and gray T-shirt.

Jack andCheyenne, 23decided to snuggle up together after a cheeky kiss last night.

However, when a professional rugby player bent over to pick up his pillow, dozens of marks were found behind his pants.

When I picked up Twitter, a fan caught a nasty stain and reposted it. Dozens more chimes to comment that they saw it.

"Oh, Jack, no," the viewer wrote with a screenshot of a misplaced mark and a series of skull emojis.

"Jack needs to change his pants before he plays the big man," the second chimed and the third said, "Jack, what's your pants?"

Fourth chime: "No, tell me I'm not the only boxer to witness Jack's mark."

That'sJack is now After being found kissing Cheyennebehind the back of his partner, Pagethorn.

He snuggled up to her on the terrace, put her arms around her in her shocking scene last night, and leaned against her snob.

Fans watching at his home accused Jack of being "double-sided" for betrayingPage (24), who remained loyal to Casa Amor.

"Jack! I'm vomiting," commented one fan on Twitter, adding that "Jack is why women hate all men."

And the third person writes:

When Jack later went downstairs, chatted with Dami and Luka, and was on the terrace with Cheyenne, Page told them that he hadn't bothered her head at all during his whims. talked.

"But now, I wonder if I was obsessed with my feelings or moved from Page from day one," he told the young people.

Jack said at the beach hut:

At tonight's show, couples are set to choose between pairing with their original partner or choosing a bomb.

Last night, Page didn't keep the fact that she was sticking to a man secret. You can see Jack again.