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Love Island fans devise Jack's "game plan" after Jack kisses Cheyenne and Molly behind Page's back.

Love Island fans are confident that Jack O'Neill is being considered for his game plan as he was blown up in a "honed routine".

ParamedicRugby Ace paired with Paige Thornhas both bombsCheyenneandMolly {10 while the partner is loyal. } I caught. Casa Amor.

Jackis Page, 24.

At the time, sitting on the steps of the villa , 23-year-old Jack Paige said: ""

When Page asked "Why?", He went on to explain: Do I care now?

Still, after telling Cheyenne and Molly, "I've never felt this way with anyone," fans are beginning to smell mice. "Personally, Jack as a whole opens the door to Page at night and showing his emotional side is to make the girl think she's the one who" changes him "when he really is. , I think it's a routine he's done many times before, always be a slimy little rat #LoveIsland. "

Another post:" I 100% agree. It's a well-honed routine.

Third continuation: "Feel something in the fact that he did it at night.

" When we're trying to sleep Page probably didn't question it too much as our brains are starting to be more passive / relaxed. "

Then, simply put," he's manipulative. It's a dog. "

Recently, Page, who continues to be loyal to men, said withJack" I can't see the red flag ".

The pair has since told his youth companion that he intends to "crack on" with Cheyenne behind Page's . , PDA.

But at Casa Amor, Page told Jema that he had a hard time finding the red flag for Jack.

Jema, talking about "missing" a boy from her former villa, said:

"I miss Dami, I miss Andrew, I miss everything"