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Love Island viewers were shocked to find unfortunate stains on Jack's underwear

Love Islandviewers were rugged when they noticed the "dirt" onJack O'Neill'sunderwear.

ITV2 show fans watched the drama unfold as the boys enjoyed their time away from the girls with Casa Amor's new bomb.

At some point in last night's episode, Jack was roaming the bedroom, which looked like a pair of boxers with skid marks.

Fans immediately went toTwitterand asked if what they saw was genuine.


Another question: "What's Jack in your trousers?"

"Tell me that everyone else noticed Jack's boxer Sicky Skidmark. Please. Sicky Broke ... Sicky Pants, "said another entertaining user.

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Fans Something small in his underwear(


They went to Twitter and asked what they saw (



"Oh, Jack, no" Someone tweeted with an endless skull pictogram.

It's coming because the male contestants in the show are enjoying their time with the new bombs.

Jack eventually kissed Shy Anchor, and the other halfPagethornremained loyal to Casa Amor.

In an episode last night, viewers weren't impressed when Jack said to another young man, "Dismiss Molly and take Cheyenne upstairs."

Jack was busy putting it thick on the bomb(



Then he took Cheyenne to the terrace and she wanted to know how his chat went with Molly. rice field.

Jack said: "How was my chat?" Before putting his arms around her. "Oh, are you comfortable now because you only want you?"

Then the pair became smooth.

He told Cheyenne on Tuesday that she wouldn't waste her time if she was going to stick to Paige, so she wouldn't think about Paige's feelings. Revealed.

He eventually kissed Cheyanne(

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Casa Amor finally ends as hostLauraWhitmoreenters the main villa and joins the original boy and bomb girl. To make it clear that they were trying to reunite with people in other homes.

The original girl came back with a single or paired bombs at the second villa.

They come back to see if the boy is loyal and single, or if he is paired with one of the new girls.

Will girls be in pain? Or does the boy decide to stick to the original girl?

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