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A loyal ASDA shopper was hooked on her invoice after switching to Aldi for a big store

A woman who has never done a large full shop at

Aldidecides to exchange fromAsdaand then shop there. did. Find a huge price difference between the two. With the cost of living of

risingand the price of staple products rising every minute, Emily Sleight says it's worth changing where you usually run a grocery store. I decided.Liverpool Echo

Emily said, "When two people shop every week, it cost about £ 50 at Asda, but now it's the same type and costs £ 60- £ 65. I wanted to see if a store with a weekly change in theSpecialbuy sectioncould save her a fortune.

She says shoppers were drawn to the fresh flowers section as soon as they entered Aldi. Lots of lilies are sold for less than £ 3.

After going through the meat section, she remained "surprised" by the pure choices offered. But even though she wanted a cheaper price, she says. "My local Aldi meat department was absolutely huge, but unfortunately the price was still quite high.

Emily noticed that there was a lot of overlap between Aldi and Asda, but one was slightly cheaper than the other (


Emily Slate / Liverpool ECHO)

"A box of fresh chicken breasts (about 4 big breasts) puts me back almost £ 6, which I absolutely do I felt astounding. I always had the impression that Aldi meat would be cheap, but probably I was wrong.

"Check Asda's website For the first time, I noticed that the same chicken box in Asda was slightly cheaper, only 3p. "

Repeated living expenses, she added:

However, the price of daily lunch items such asready-to-eat chickenwas £ 1.99. This takes into account that Asda packs usually return shoppers to around £ 2.80.

In her experiment, Emily said she was "impressed" by the cheapness of women's hygiene products in Ardi. (


Getty Images)

Continuing the shop, Emily has a variety of Ardi products. I noticed that the price of is small. Cheaper than Asda.

The spinach pack was 75p, a pound cheaper than Asda. A small pack of seeded bread costs only 60p, as opposed to Asda's £ 1. As for eggs, 12 free-range eggs from Aldi returned 2.09 pounds, in contrast to Asda's 2.20 pounds.

A toothpaste-like staple bathroom costs only 55p, but the cheapest one you can find online at Asda was almost doubled to 98p.

Challenged the cost of women's hygiene products, Emily says these costs "impressed" her-as opposed to Asda's £ 2.50, 69p. Is the cost of.

Aldi seemed to be a lot cheaper than the British supermarket chain Asda, but Emily noticed a lot of deception from German grocery stores.

She was surprised to find duplicates of eight products that she usually buys weekly. These include:

  • Snack Light "Light"-6 99p-DuplicateWalkers Oven Baked Crisp£ 1.65 for 6 pieces
  • Meat Star Salami Snack-10 pieces for 1.69 £-Peperami Original Miniis £ 2.25 for 10 pieces
  • Alcafe Time IntensoBaristaCoffee-£ 2.29-£ 3.50 DupeNescafeAzeraCoffeeis priced at £ 3.50
  • AldiCheesePuffs Crisp- £ 10.19-Dupe WalkersWotsitscrispis priced at £ 1.65

Impressed by how cheap everything was, Emily said it The price at the meat counter was still quite high

Emily, who completed the shop, was Ardi. I've noticed that there are quite a few positive points in the shop. Dupe product.

She added: "Being able to get the exact same product at a fairly low price will definitely mean more shopping in Aldi."

She doesn't make any changes and shop in Aldi every week. I admitted to doing so, but get in the habit of visiting the store for certain items such as potato chips, lunchtime snacks, coffee, and dog food.

In total, her bill was £ 69. She says this is usually more than the amount she spends on Asda.

However, she admitted that she picked up extra "homely" bits such as candles and cleaning sprays.

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