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Lucky National Lottery winner was convinced his £1million win was a 'scam'

National Lotterywinner Lucky Pairs was convinced it was a "scam" after failing to trust the notification they received on their lottery app.

Despite nearly missing out on winning million, the couple believed their win was a hoax after being skeptical of the announcement of the win. was

Ruth, 44, her Giblin, and Her husband, Rob, 48, got a huge amount of money, but bought few tickets and left on the day. Had to buy lucky lottery numbers. lottery.

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Ruth purchased a winning ticket before a short spot in karate and received a notification the next day warning of the prize.

Ruth and Rob Giblin initially believed their bounty was a "scam"

However, it turns out that lottery company Camelot called and immediately burst into tears when he realized that the two had become millionaires.

Ruth said: ``Rob reminded me to wear my EuroMillions tickets every week while I was out. I just got up early to go to , and I got an email with good news about tickets." It wasn't until after Rob's morning swim that contact was made with Camelot.

The lucky pair are set to share their newfound wealth with their family
Lucky Pair is set to share his newfound wealth with his family

She continued: When I finally called Camelot, they asked me what I could see and confirmed that we were millionaires. This victory means a lot to our family because we can help our parents by expanding their home so that they have enough bedrooms for everyone to sleep."

Rob and Ruth keep their jobs and share their new wealth with their families, building a summer house for their 13-year-old daughter and a game room for their 16-year-old daughter. I am planning to son.

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