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Captivating video shows Britain's most scenic delivery routes through lush mountains

This stunning video shows the UK's most scenic delivery routes. This delivery route winds its way through open roads through lush green peaks.

Kirkstone in the Lake District The breathtaking view from his pass was captured by courier owner Gary McFadden.

This road follows a route at an elevation of 1,489 feet and is the highest pass in the passable district.

According to a survey of 2,000 desk workers, 44% would like to find a job behind the wheel and 85% would like to spend less time at their desk.

Dan Richards, the self-employed tech specialist who commissioned this study, Wise, said: -Delivery drivers in employment know this better than anyone else.

Kirkstone We meander through the lush green hills of the Toge Lake District (



and where you work often has a big effect on your mood.

“This eye-catching video shows a series of views that a delivery driver could see in just one day.

The survey also revealed that more than half (51%) admitted that their jobs were getting stuck in a rut. Study participants had been in their current role for an average of six years.

Three-quarters (75%) often look out the window from their desks, revealing that they wish they could work outside.

Nearly half (46%) think their office has a great view outside, but 28% can only see a plain wall from their desk and 27% can only see their colleagues. Hmm.

Drivers can enjoy stunning views of the area's famous lakes (



The main aspect workers did not enjoy about their current role was looking at screens (41%). ) and not spending time outdoors (28%). %) and too much management (22%).

However, 40% love the idea of ​​becoming a delivery driver, and specifically want to have fun when it fits their schedule (26%).

Seeing new places (24%) and having your own workspace (19%) also topped the list.

And 51% of those willing to become self-employed delivery drivers had even sought a job as a delivery driver before.

According to OnePoll research, dream routes include coastal scenery (24%), city center (17%) and scenic hills (16%).

They also found that the typical adult receives an average of eight deliveries per month, and nearly two-thirds (63%) said the pandemic has given them new ratings for their delivery drivers. I admit that

Dan Richards adds: } Weather We've been having a blast these last few weeks.

"Being able to see a lot of great British people outdoors, having your own workspace, and being your own boss are just some of the perks of working as a self-employed delivery driver.

"We want to encourage Britons to seek more freedom and think of work as a career."

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