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Mom pregnant window cleaner baby after falling for Scouse accents and cheeky chat

The woman says she is pregnant with a baby window cleaner after being fascinated by his accent.

Gemma Stephenson, 36, was first caught by window cleaner Sean Nodwell, 37, while working at a neighbor's house.

Jema was fascinated by Sean's soft squeeze accents and his informative offer to help with grocery shopping from car to home, she said.

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A few weeks before her, who secretly fathered a twin with the Chief Executive Officer, told Liverpool Echo: "When I was coming from a car at a weekly shop, I first saw Sean in the garden next door. He. Greeted me with a soft squeeze accent and offered to help.

"I've been a single mother for many years and I'm used to it, so at this point I thought it was a really great gesture. I'll do this myself.

"A few weeks later I saw him again at my house. He asked how I was doing and his window in the future. He provided me with a cleaning service. My neighbor recommended him, so I agreed.

The pair got to know each other over cups of tea when he was cleaning windows
While cleaning the windows, the pair came to know each other over a cup of tea

"Suddenly, about a week later, he stepped into my garden with a ladder and a bucket and made a cheeky remark." Okay, I clean your window for you. I came to do it. "

"While he was starting work, he shouted to me," If I had a chance to brew like Haha, "so I made him a kappa, and he came down. , We started talking about our lives.

"The next time he came, he looked full of smiles and really happy. While he was working, we continued to brew and chat regularly in the garden.

The happy couple are shocked but excited to be expecting a baby after he split with his wife
The happy couple was shocked, but expected a baby after breaking up with his wife. I'm excited about what I'm doing

Always made me laugh. I talked about the crazy things from music to kids to gardening. "

Sean and Jema with a career change in mind Did not see each other for months, but after parting with his wife, he regained contact by leaving a drink in the pub.

But when Sean told Jema that she wanted to take her out, their farewell turned out to be actually the beginning of a new romance.

Jema, who lives in Catalic Garrison in North Yorkshire, said, along with her two children in her previous relationship: She was busy with work and didn't plan much.

They are expecting a baby boy and will name him Joseph
They expect a boy and name him Joseph

"I kept chatting a little more until the conversation started 30 minutes. Come on the train now, it's okay."

"That night we chatted until early in the morning, played poker, drank a few drinks and laughed like a teenager."

The pair I continued dating, and on weekends I went on trips to Blackpool and Wakefield, rounded at karaoke bars and restaurants, stayed at hotels and spent spa days.

The pair can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together
Pairs can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together

When Jema discovered she was pregnant in February of this year, the Bird of Love couldn't believe it.

Sean, who is currently working as a warehouse operative, said: }

"We found out that we have a boy. We call him Joseph. We call him my grandfather Joseph, not after the technicolor dream coat.

"I don't know when I'll meet someone. I'm looking forward to raising Joseph and becoming a happy and normal family. He can also be a fan of Man United."

Gemma states: We lived a laid-back life of fun, passion and excitement. It's like a roller coaster and the ride is just right.

"After meeting in my spare time, I realized I was pregnant and went into total shock mode. Four months later, I'm happier with my first baby. It became. "

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