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Music school teachers aim to make sessions available to everyone by establishing a community interest company.

Plans are underway to develop a music education network that will allow Renfrewshire people who do not have access to musical instruments to enjoy the joy that musical instruments bring. The

idea was inspired by Diane Mitchell, who said she wanted everyone to have the opportunity to grow and enjoy music throughout her life.

Having taught music to the Paisley people for over 27 years, Diane runs the Diane Mitchell Music School, based in Paisley's Brick Lane Studios, offering music lessons to paid students. I am.

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But in her latest initiative, Paisley has free music in collaboration with many other individuals and organizations. Provides entertainment and educational events. ..

She founded Brick Lane Academy CIC, a non-profit community interest company.

Diane said:

"Through Diane Mitchell School of Music, it's obviously parents who can afford to pay their children, so I formed a CIC and usually don't have access to music or lessons, or buy it. For those who can't afford it, I've made it possible to carry out projects in the community.

"So, when I started music school, my wish was for all children and all adults to be in music. It was to make it accessible, because music had a positive impact on my life in every way. "

Diane funded the project by applying for a grant. I am considering. This will enable us to offer free music entertainment and education programs to local people.

The first project offered under CIC was the Music Cafe. This is funded by a grant from the Engage Renfrewshire Health and Welfare Fund.

The Cafe Session is held Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Brick Lane Studios for the elderly and has been held since April 2022.

"It was really successful. There are groups of senior citizens coming from different backgrounds. Most of them haven't been out for the past two years because of Covid and the blockade, and they're it. I love you and absolutely love it.

"They come in, sing music, ukuleles, percussion, songs, and in the meantime prepare tea and cakes, we they Have lunch for. "

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Diane says cafe sessions are aimed at complete beginners But all-the ability is welcome, saying that the session is relaxing and friendly.

"We just enjoy making music together," she added.

Diane has more events and classes planned on the horizon, and people will soon see some more pop-ups in the town. One of the plans is for Diane to reopen the music group to support the children who were running through the music school. She says she wants to provide this through CIC so that participants can use it for free.

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