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My job is telling Brits they’ve won £1,000s in lotto but so many people NEVER get the cash because of ridiculous mistake


Carly was forced to take one winner to the Savoy Hotel

A MUM whose job is telling Brits they've won thousands of pounds in the lottery says many people never get the cash because of a ridiculous mistake.

Carly Troullis, 37, from Thurrock in Essex, phones up new winners for the Health Lottery.

But Carly said many winners never get the cash - because they think she is a scammer.

The mum-of-one told EssexLive: "People feel that they’re being scammed all the time now.

"You do get people who swear and put the phone down on you."

Carly proves she really is the bearer of good news by reading out the numbers the winner has matched and telling them to check their ticket.

She told how the husband of a woman with multiple disabilities did not believe her when Carly rang to tell them that they had won a £250,000 jackpot.

Carly said: "Her husband was the one I spoke to… he thought it wasn’t real.

"I promised him it was and that I’d call him back after 30 minutes. He called me back first and was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s true'."

Another winner was convinced Carly was a scammer until she took him to the glitzy Savoy Hotel in London.

She said: "He didn’t believe it until I met him in the Savoy Hotel a week later.

"Before meeting me Andrew’s wife was, like, these are really generous fraudsters if it is fraud."

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