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It's no wonder Ronaud leaves ManUtd. He's a pure Hollywood of a team of mediocre love island aspirants, says Piers Morgan.

If you choose a role model for kids, which of the Cristiano Ronaud or Love Island contestants will you choose?

One of the greatest soccer players in history, one of the most devoted athletes with a surprisingly focused work ethics and health system.

On the other hand, I'm generally talking about, to be precise, here that a lazy, spoiled, deceived half-wit can achieve success and fame by acting. thinking. Like a crazy and lecherous tool on TV.

Still, horribly, many young people are drawn toLove Island lifestyle optionsto actually work for a living or develop real talent. I find it easier than doing.

For them, collecting social media "likes" because of their empty dislike is the only verification they need to think "have done it". I heard the totally amazing news that Ronaud wants to quit Manchester Unitedbecause I don't think the club shares his ferocious ambitions.

At the heart of his dissatisfaction is not only that the club is very poorly run compared to the first stint, but that many young players are not as willing to win as he is. It's his belief. I have it and I keep it.

No one in the history of sports in the world hates losing more than Ronaud. The exception is when I play with kids at Tiddlywinks.

And his burning frustration with United's misfortune – they finished the 6thth in the Premier League and couldn't qualify for the Champions League. – Finally boiled.

Ronaud still has incredible hunger, desire, and ambition, and is willing to win a raging victory in his soul like an erupting volcano.

However, many "stars" are now wearing shirts in the club, doing extensive weekly checks and performing mediocre performances. Its true passion, hunger, and desire seems to be for self-promotional off-field. Activities, Twitter / Instagram checks, and parties-don't put in the hardyards you need to be a winner.

They are the islanders of love in football and are a show where you can bet on your life that they all are eager to see.

And what really matters to someone like Ronaud, that is, the lack of a laser-focused focus on football, is behind his decision to leave.

Yes, he wants to play in the Champions League.

Why didn't he do that? He is the biggest champion in game history.

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And those ridiculous people Soccer writers trying to understand that HE was a problem last season, Ronaud scored 24 goals, including 6 in the Champions League and 18 in the Premier League, and 3rd {in Golden. Recall that you got 44}  . Despite being nine years old, he defeated boot competition and England's top striker Harry Kane with another league goal.

Spoiled kid

He wasn't a "problem". He was the only one who prevented United from fighting the delegation.

The real problem was the surprisingly unmotivated collection of ineffective, mentally weak Wastrel around him.

Ronaldo has a tremendous amount of precious time trying to bring the overpaid and spoiled Primadonna's spoiled kid to his level, even though many aren't interested. And why do we need to waste another second of talent?

United's young player, given his amazing success and experience, as he was with older players like Roy Keane when he was a teenager in the club You may believe that you won't stick to every word. ..

But many of them are not.

Despite having a trophy cabinet, they are rich, arrogant, stupid, lacking in humility and self-awareness, even though they are so empty that spiders can't go. , The GOAT brains of their sport are not available. Afraid to be lonely.

A clue to this miserable attitude is none other than an interview with Ronaud at Premier League Production earlier this year. Give you some advice, and you don't instill that it will be difficult in everyday life.

"You can talk to that person all day. If it doesn't come from inside you, it's impossible.

" I'm 18, 19, 20 years old I remember some old players talking to me at the time. I said it as follows: They know more than you, they are more experienced than you

"But (currently a young professional player), if you criticize them, they won't accept it."

Ronaud adds: I did. "My main point is that it should come from within you. You should be proud of yourself, look in the mirror and say," I gave everything. "

"We are here to help when they need my help, my support, my advice. I will be the most helpful, but my If you don't need help, do your job and look for yourself. We will do our best to help the team. "

He is not only United but generally young He said he was talking about players, but could have been talking about so many young people in today's snowflake society.

And United fans will know who he really was talking about. 

That's why he's turned off

People like Sancho, Lingard, Martial, McTominay really look in the mirror and say they gave everything Can you

Even Marcus Rushford is very impressive off the pitch in the government's relentless campaign for food for poor children, from the English radar at Gareth Southgate. I am pleased with his dull contribution on the pitch I saw falling.

If anyone perfectly illustrates Ronaud's criticism, it would be Mason Greenwood.

Before being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in January, he was subsequently suspended, standing out as a selfish, roaring, cheeky little Burke as a soccer player. He has never won a major trophy in a club or country.

And his negative body words to Ronaud would be that his own trophy cabinet would barely fit inside the Grand Canyon, he, Mason Greenwood, pitched with an old man from Nike Mercurial. Suggested that it was too good to share.

Greenwood will be the perfect Love Island contestant.

Like Jack Greenish in Manchester City, someone was destined to waste his best natural abilities.

Cristiano Ronaud isn't as happier than when he's training to improve himself, but he feels this love islander attitude can't be explained to professional soccer players.

That's why he's turned off.

And when some of these young United players definitely shrug their departure with a negative "what eva", there is one last fact they should consider. Manchester United wouldn't have won a match without him last season.

Winners tend to win with a spirit of victory.