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Passengers "abandoned" in Turkey after pilots delayed TUI's flight due to "need a break"

The family of three said they were "abandoned" inTurkeyafter the flightof TUI was delayed due to notification by the pilot and flight crew. I did. They are passengers who need rest.

Passengers aboard the plane from Izmir Adnan Mendeles Airportto Manchester Airport were delayed on July 6th, but left the plane and stayed at the hotel until the plane arrived. I was asked to move. Relocated after the pilot announced.

One of the unnamed suffering passengers said the flight had already been delayed by more than four hours before being told not to leave Turkey as planned.Manchester Evening News reports.

The 40-year-old passenger said: When I finally got on the plane, I needed a 15-minute time frame, so I was told to sit down as soon as possible.

"Then the pilot went to Tan Noi and said he and the crew needed to rest because he was tired. They explained that we needed to leave the plane, and I. We will be moved to the hotel and TUI will contact us.

"No one could believe it. Everyone was kidding because it was already 4 hours late. I thought. People shouted, panicked, shouted. There were children crying and everyone was stressed. Absolutely crazy. "

The flight to Manchester was delayed by more than four hours before it was rescheduled
The flight to Manchester was delayed by more than 4 hours before the schedule was changed

Passengers suffering from epilepsy are told to hand over the tax exemption purchased at the airport, they return for their flight, and it has been for Wednesday night ever since. It was rescheduled.

A passenger traveling with his wife (33 years old) and a 4-year-old son felt that TUI had all passengers in the same hotel but were not properly updated. Stated. Information about their flight.

"I'm stuck in the heat of 40 degrees without knowing what's going on," said a passenger living near Harifax. "I don't know when I'm expected to come back. All I had was an email from TUI offering a £ 150 holiday voucher.

" My wife Lost in two days of work and my child missed a transition day at school to meet a new teacher. Left in a hotel in the middle of the highway.

" I try not to feel too stressed because of the tantrum, but the worst thing is that I don't know what's going on. If I know the plan, I'll travel or do something. "

Passengers said the flight cancellation was the latest in a series of setbacks regarding their trip, which was originally planned to go to Egypt instead of Turkey.

"We were going to take off. We arrived in Egypt on June 22nd, but canceled the vacation two days ago because the flight didn't exist," he explained. .. "Instead, I rebooked to go to Turkey for 14 nights on June 21st and was two and a half hours late. I'm leaving Manchester.

" I never go to TUI again, in the past I've spent a lot of money with them. This was an absolute mess. Everything in my life. "

TUI is for customers affected by flight delays We apologize for any inconvenience caused to all passengers. Passengers were also sent information on how to claim compensation.

A TUI spokesperson said: This is because the crew was out of time on the way home because the outbound flight was delayed first.

"We always kept our customers up-to-date and provided accommodation, meals and snacks as needed. We understand that last-minute delays are very disappointing and overseas. We want to reassure our customers that they will never get stuck in. "

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