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A plus-sized woman says the manager told her to "cover" her body at work

How a plus-sized woman quit her jobafter getting a "dress code" in a workplace that doesn't have adress codeI made it clear. .. In

, her recent videoposted on TikTok, Abigayle,@abigaylecanterburyshows her clothes when she was working in a smoke shop. Said faced with the choice of. Plus sizeemployeesonly. According to TikToker, the conflict arose after she was "excited" to start her work first because the employee "always wore what she liked."

"I have never been to one of their places and have never seen a big girl working. It's always a small little girl and they always like it. I was wearing something. Some of the reasons I was a little excited, "she said.

"I'm like:'Yes, I can dress cute, I can dress as I like. She continued." But I got the impression that you could wear a crop top with jeans. That's not a big deal. "

According to Abigayle, she never told her her boss about dress code guidelines. I got this impression because I didn't speak and because her colleague's outfit made it "very obvious".

In the video, Abigail revealed that one day he received a text from his manager. Her manager told her that her business owner wanted her to "cover her belly."

Abigayle shared a screenshot of a text message. In this screenshot, the manager writes: He told me to wear nicer clothes and cover her belly. Thank you very much. "

In response, Abigail asks what" better "means, and before asking if she should avoid crop tops, she" dresses comfortably for work. " Explained that he tried.

According to her screenshot, her manager told her "just cover [her] whole body." Abigail apologized accordingly. At that point, her manager said she thought her outfit wasn't a problem until the business owner said something.

In the video, Abigail said her boss's remark was "under her skin," and she subsequently received a complaint from her colleague about her outfit. I asked if there was one.

According to TikToker, her colleague told her she had never been "dress-coded" before and "did not believe" what happened. She also made it clear in the comments that she wore a crop top when she was hired for her job.

In her follow-up video, Abigail revealed that her situation worsened when her manager asked her to speak. At that point, he claimed to have a "mic" and a "camera" around him, and everything she said was "always coming back to [he] in some way."

In a conversation, Abigail told her manager that she felt she was "chosen" for her appearance.

"I was really disappointed because everyone told me that I should cover my body, but she should work with a girl in her usual clothes. "Now," she said.

In response, Abigail said that it was her owner who had problems with her clothes, so her manager told her he was "just a messenger." I did.

In her third video, Abigayle said she wanted to grow in business because her manager felt she was "bad." , She revealed that she decided not to stay in the company. Choice of her clothes.

"I respect myself so much that I can't stay in a predicament or work situation that offends me," she explained. "Especially in the field of dress code, it's not only stupid, but honestly, it's blatantly discriminatory.

" I found these girls comfortable enough to wear what they liked. I'm happy, but the point of all this is the fact that I wanted the same treatment, "she continued. She said, "She wanted to be able to wear what she was comfortable with, like everyone else."

"Yeah, she's a lean, plus-sized woman." Someone wrote. "I can clearly see the difference in how I was treated. They were very kind to me when I was thin. But as a plus size ... not so well No ... and unnecessary comments I get ... they're pretty tough and always remind me to lose weight. It's a sad reality. "

" Basically, discrimination You can sue, "another wrote. "And you obviously have it in the text."

The third user added: "I had the same problem at work. They said shorts and T-shirts were okay. I did that and I was always coded. They fired me."

Independentasks Abigayle for comment.