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"Pole position" Rishi aims for a takeover in 10th place, and his main rival is "cling to Boris"

Rishi Sunak follows Havid and resigns from Johnson's cabinet

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Former Prime Minister odds are 20 / 1-3 within hours of his decision to resign from the Boris Johnson administration. It dropped to / 1. Change needs to happen. Sources have confirmed that he has been maneuvering for weeks to set up a potential leadership organization. The senior minister He is preparing for a while now.

Mr. Snack was the country's beloved after helping to sort out the predicament and relief during the blockade.

But his star fell after he brought in a national insurance hike and a corporate tax hike.

Then the revelations that his wife avoided paying taxes legally when he was infuriating Tory lawmakers by raising taxes seemed to end his ambitions. It looked like.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak-Is it over? Did he go back to number 10? (Image: Ian Forsyth / Getty)

However, the senior minister said: Forget what was said before.

RedWall MP "Rishi was definitely in pole position because he first resigned.

" It made him look like a sincere person while his main rivals were still clinging to Boris.

"This government is dead."

But Mr Snack was soon at the center of a briefing battle with Downing Street, and it was he who brought the government tax cuts. Claimed to be.

One source said: Without him, the prime minister could proceed with tax cuts.

Another suggested that Mr Snack would have been fired for remodeling and "jumped before he was pushed."

Meanwhile, Loyalist MP Michael Fabricant accused Sunak and Sajid Javid, who resigned from the Minister of Health two minutes ago, for "collusion."

Speculation that the two could run as tickets in a campaign coordinated by Snack's best friend, former chairman Oliver Dowden, who left the government after a devastating by-election. had.

However, backbenchers still question whether Mr. Snack is the person who provides the conservative agenda that many are coveted.

One Red Waller said: Personally, I'm still too worried about his economic outlook!

One major party donor who had directly funded 20 Tory lawmakers but withheld his money after anger at Partygate was Sunak "now a competitor." I agreed to be.

Mr Snack told the Prime Minister that he needed to make a change.

In his resignation, he states: 

"I'm aware that this may be my last minister's job, but I believe these standards are worth the fight, and that's why I'm resigning. Yes. "

In a letter to Mr. Snack, the Prime Minister thanked him for his service.