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Pot noodles regain their controversial taste after nine years-but fans are split

After the infamous instant noodle flavor returned to the famous shelves, shoppers remained split.

Pot Noodlehas revived its Abra Keba Bradner Kebab flavor-and just in time for tomorrow's National Kebab Day. The

flavor is already available for £ 1 onAsda, but has received various reviews on social media.

It was revealed that one shopper bought an item on Newfoodsuk on theFacebookpage, but the feedback was mixed.

One user said, "I need to try this."

Another said, "I've been waiting for these for years to come back. Now I'm pretty emotional."

And another simply said, "Try this !!!".

But not everyone was so admired.

One user said, "Oh, what a nightmare!"

Another addition: "That's tough."

And one user was undecided.

Potnoodles voted on the flavors of Donor Kebab and Piri Piri to decide which would benefit.

And the donor kebab products won by the overwhelming majority.

Angus Gidin, UK&I Pot Noodle The brand manager said: -We were just surprised by the incredible demand for donor kebab flavors.

"We are pleased to start to make it happen soon and share it with Noodler across the country. Within 5 minutes, we will provide you with the coveted Kebab fix.

Morrisons,Sainsbury,Tesco, orAldihave similar kebab-flavored instant noodles I checked to see if it was available, but nothing was listed.

So if you want to get an item, heading to Asda may be the best bet.

This is not the first time Asda has introduced a controversial product to the shelves.

Previously, we soldMarmiteflavored chocolate Easter eggs.

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