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Ryan Giggs' ex-boyfriend says he treated her like a 'slave', denies asking for money

Ryan Giggs' ex-girlfriend became "a slave to his every need and every demand" during their controlling relationship, the court heard. 

Kate Greville, 36, told a jury Wednesday that when the former Man United football player told her to do something, she would do it. 

During cross-examination by Giggs barrister Chris Daw QC, the PR executive said:

Between August 2017 and her November 2020, Giggs, 48, exhibited controlling and intimidating behavior toward Ms. Greville, assaulting her and Denies causing harm and her sister's routine assault. 

The court heard that Ms. Greville filed a statement the day before the trial began, stating to the defendant that she felt like a "slave." 

She said. When Ryan says do something, I do it. 

Complainant agrees that she gave numerous testimony to police following the November 2020 assault allegations, including two of hers last week. did. 

Mr Daw asked: "During the course of these statements, did you tell the police all the truth?" 

She replied: '100%.' 

Mr. Daw continued, "Have you ever lied to the police about anything?" Ms. Greville replied, "No." Have you lied to anyone else, such as family or friends, about this incident?" 

She repeated: "No." 

Defense One said: "That's your position, isn't it? He was effectively manipulating you into a relationship in the first place – it's a mind game to some extent." 


Mr Daw said: "It wasn't just two consenting adults who were also married at the time who started the affair." 

The witness replied: 'There was some imbalance on my part because of the circumstances in which I was with e. x-husband.' 

She said in court that Giggs' controlling behavior also affected her friendships, and that "he alienated me from certain people." 

Ms. Greville told the court that the violence by Giggs was "unusual," he added. 

Mr. Doe asked: "He hurt your self-confidence and self-esteem, and criticized you in that way." 

She said: 'Yes, on the whole he was, but on the other side he seemed to be at extremes. gave me confidence. 

"He wasn't always bad, he wasn't always bad. He was hot and cold. Two different people. As a result of his actions... My self-confidence was undermined." 

Mr. Daw asked: ' 

Ms. Greville replied: "From. 

"For what," replied Ms. Greville. 

"Whatever," said Mr. Daw. 

Ms. Greville replied, "Absolutely not." 

On Tuesday, she told jurors that Giggs grabbed her by the shoulder and headbutted her in November 2020. to him about his string of wrongdoings. 

She said she learned he had "perfect relationships" with eight of her women before leading to the assault charges. 

Discovering messages on her iPad "dating back many years" to the former Wales international made her decide to leave him, she said. 

While Giggs was idolized for his on-pitch skills, prosecutors said there was an "uglier, more sinister side" behind his public persona. Says. 

A jury was told that the former footballer's personal life involved "a series of physical and emotional abuse of a woman he professed to love." 

During his time at Old Trafford, Manchester United won the Premier League 13 times, the Champions League twice, the FA Cup four times and the League Cup three times. 

He has won his 64th cap with Wales and is co-owner of League Two side Salford City. 

The ordeal continues.

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