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Ryan Giggs Trial Live - Ex-girlfriend is 'slave of every need' for 'violent narcissist'

Ryan Giggs: Former Welsh boss and Manchester United star in domestic violence trial

Former Manchester United winger Trial Ryan Giggs has resumed his trial for the third day at Minshull Street Crown Court,Manchester

. Mr. Giggs, 48, has been accused of controlling and coercive behavior towards his ex-girlfriend. From August 2017 to her November 2020, her PR her executive, Kate Greville, 36, assaulted her, causing her actual physical harm and her sister's general provoked violence.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Ms. Greville is now facing cross-examination from Mr. Giggs' defense attorney, Christopher Dawes QC, who stated that during the on-and-off relationship, "[Mr. “I feel like a slave to demands.”

"It was like that," she said in court Wednesday. "If Ryan said to do something, I would do it. He made me feel like I had to do everything he said or there would be consequences."

At first she said he looked like a "knight in shining armor" to save her from an unhappy marriage, but then he "lured her into an affair." ', speculated that he would become progressively 'regularly aggressive' and suffer from narcissism. Personality disorder.

The ordeal continues.


Judge QUESTION Prosecutor Defining ``Gaslighting''

Manley Judge requested that prosecutor Peter Wright QC give a definition of the term, and that he gave the Oxford English Dictionary interpretation. mandated by By psychological means he begins to question his sanity.

The term comes from the title of Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play Gaslighting, in which an abusive husband tells his wife that he The anger, the real senselessness of trying to convince your wife of yourself, is imaginary.

Cross-examination of Kate Greville by Christopher Dawes resumes.


Trial resumed

Judge Manley is back As they leave at the end of the day, she comes to court with a stern warning that she "doesn't want to see a repeat of the ugly exit she witnessed this morning."


Trial period for lunch

or more It's that moment - the proceedings resume at 2:00 PM.


Defense counsel induced by ``rough sex'' rather than assault

Greville, who claims Greville's bruises, told business partner Elsa Root that the bruises she got back from Dubai were from a sexual act, not assault. explained. ''

Daw counters. It was a bruise from rough sex that they both enjoyed a lot.”

he insists. The truth is that you have been bruised by sex at times.

Greville replies, "I don't remember."

Her QC then discussed a series of messages about handcuffs and paddles, explaining that the couple had sadomasochistically participated in her sex, and that her injuries were such. Emphasize that the act may have persisted.


Giggs' attorneys described the "complete Accusing Greville of "lies"

Christopher Dawes said of yesterday's incident in Dubai that Giggs allegedly "dragged her naked to the floor and threw her out of her hotel room." It disputes Mr. Greville's harrowing testimony. hall.

"I would like to say it never happened," he says.

She rejected his suggestion that the story was "a complete pack of lies" and broke down in tears.

The episode appeared to have been one of many dramatic moments in the relationship on and off, as the accuser said, and Ms. Greville previously said, "Jet Like coasters, he said. Seeing her relocate to the UAE at one stage to escape Mr. Giggs' attention, she began to suspect him of being a compulsive womanizer.

In case you missed it, here's the report.

Former Manchester United footballer Giggs denies charges


He said that the relationship had become "unrelentingly awful" since the "fairy tale" began. Greville says

Mr. Greville denies Mr. Dawes' suggestion that she was primarily interested in Mr. In December 2014, she confused his timeline of their relationship by stating that she left her husband in February the following year.

She says the offensive language found in Mr. Giggs' aforementioned text her message was not typical of a first relationship.

When asked if the former footballer behaved towards her with her affection, she replied: For four and a half years he was kind, but not for a year and a half. By the end of the relationship, it was relentlessly awful.

“The time it really increased and was terrible was during the Covid period when we were living together.

Ms. Greville countered when suggested the abusive message was atypical. To do. He just did it verbally. He couldn't do it verbally and I was standing up for myself so he sent it by email.

When asked to reflect on their happy moments, she describes their first relationship as "fairy tale".

"He was very supportive," she says. "He made me feel great. He lovebombed me. I literally thought he was the best."


Ex-girlfriend viewed Giggs as "a knight in shining armor"

In an attempt to prove that the parties were responsible for starting the relationship, they allude to "provocative" photos Greville sent after Giggs first met.

"I knew he was interested," she explains. "I was in a terrible relationship with my ex-husband. It was horrible. He gave me attention. It was flattering. He made me feel better than my ex-husband. Reality." It felt like an escape."

She continues: "I did mind that he was married, but at that point. , like your knight in shining armor, it takes over.


Greville says he felt "drawn" into the relationship

In court, Mr. He said he felt invited to the relationship.

"What I found out about him was definitely what drew me into a relationship," she said. 226}

Citing the book of Christopher Dawes, the cross-examination held that Mr. Giggs asks her if she has any proof that she read the book. she answers no.

"It was your own misfortune that led you into an affair with Ryan, and he gave the impression that he had effectively involved you with his technique and strategy." ' argues the defense attorney.

Ms. Greville replied: At the time, I was fully involved in it and pressured to be in a relationship, but definitely not. There was definitely going to be him inviting me into a relationship, and when his mom asked me to get him an autographed shirt, I knew it was going to be the start of something.

"I was vulnerable because I felt like he was using techniques. It's true. I was in a controlling relationship, it's true."


Greville attributed Giggs to having Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The believer

accuser says she Googled the condition and found the definition resonated with her experience with Mr. Giggs.

She denies speaking to journalists or reading news reports about the early stages of the trial.

"I have a 12-week-old baby. I don't have time to read," she says.


Ex-girlfriend "gig slave" for every need and every request

Ms. Greville said of Mr. Giggs that she was "a slave to his every need and every demand."

"It was like that," she told the court. "If Ryan said to do something, I would do it. He made me feel like I had to do everything he said or there would be consequences."

Elaborating on how she met him, she told the court:

She alleges that Mr. Giggs "damaged relationships with friends and isolated me from certain people," and that he was a "element" of her social life. was "regularly aggressive" and "once he was violent".

She denies Mr. Daw's suggestion that reward is the motive.