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Ryanair passengers 'stuck on tarmac' after 26-hour flight delay

Ryanair Passenger on flight is delayed for the first 26 hours from Rhodes back to Manchester, only to be trapped on the tarmac after their flight finally landed.

Stockport's Andrew Barlow from Reddish boarded a plane and after vacationing on a Greek island, he faced considerable difficulty getting home.

He told the Manchester Evening News that passengers were preparing to board their planes at Rhodes Airport on Friday evening (5 August), but that It was before we were told that the plane would not depart at night.

It wasn't until 11:30 pm on Saturday that Mr. Barlow's flight took off, 26 hours after his original flight time.

After landing in Manchester early Sunday morning, Mr Barlow said a shortage of ground staff had left passengers on his tarmac for an hour before returning home to Stockport shortly before 6am. claim.

"We weren't in a position to get off. You would have thought we would have priority if we were this late," he said.

``We were stopped at a taxi stop. They said there was no gate for us to go to, so we sat there for about an hour. We were told there were no ground staff available to assist us.”

Passengers were able to disembark when a tug arrived about an hour later and arrived at the terminal, but passport control was unstaffed. Barlow said he had to move to another terminal because of this.

"Why did you put me on the first flight when there was a problem in the first place, and then put me in a hotel?" he asked.

Mr. Barlow explained that the passenger boarded a scheduled flight home at 1:00 pm, but was later informed of a technical problem and deplaned while waiting for another flight. did.

He said he left the hotel at 6:00 pm the previous day and spent nearly 24 hours at the airport.

"Everyone is sick. I've never experienced anything like this. I should have stayed home last night. It's hurting the whole holiday," Barlow said Saturday.

The first flight was canceled due to "minor technical problems" with the aircraft, Ryanair said, and apologized for the inconvenience to passengers.

Swissport said it tried to get passengers off the plane as quickly as possible.

A Swissport spokesperson said: We understand that extra wait times can be frustrating, but we worked closely with our airline partners to get passengers off the plane as quickly as possible.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: Overnight accommodation was provided to all affected passengers and five sets of vouchers were issued.

"The claim that passengers were not updated is completely false as all passengers receive regular updates via SMS/email.

"This The flight departed the following day (August 6).Ryanair sincerely apologizes for the enormous inconvenience caused to the affected passengers."