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"Save the mods!" Prime Minister's allies blamed snacks after cabinet turmoil endangered Boris

Nadim Zahawi becomes Prime Minister after Rishi Sunak resigns

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Boris Johnson resigns in numerous resignations after Prime Minister has appointed Tamworth Rep. Chris Pincher to an important role in welfare. I was hit. The government, despite recognizing certain allegations of sexual assault against him. 10 Downing Street claimed at a briefing last Friday that the Prime Minister was unaware of the allegations, but after former Foreign Ministry Secretary Simon McDonald described the previous claim of Number 10 as "inaccurate", Johnson He finally admitted that he had forgotten the allegations. "I think it was a mistake and I apologize. I think it was a mistake," Johnson said, dealing with the pincher blunder.

Rishi Sunak led the minister's accusation against the Prime Minister as the pair quoted the ability in his resignation.

The former Prime Minister said:

"I realize this may be my last minister's job, but I believe these standards are worth the fight, and that's why I resign."

Mr. Snack's resignation took place shortly after former Health Minister Sajid Javid said: There is only one answer between these two loyalty.

Despite being hit hard by two seniors in the cabinet, Mr Johnson's allies opposed the prime minister.

When asked if the resignation was the beginning of the Prime Minister's demise, Johnson's supporters said to "No, [ This] saves re-shuffle.

"Snack should have gone anyway. [For Johnson] still has a lot of support."

MPs in favor of Boris go ahead. And repeated the call to appoint a new crew member to number 11.

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'Saves a reshuffle!' PM's allies slam Sunak after Cabinet chaos puts Boris on the brink

'Save the reshuffle. 'The Prime Minister's allies blamed snacks after the cabinet turmoil endangered Boris(Image: Getty)

Stratford-upon-Avon MP Nadhim Zahawi has been appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Stratford-upon-Avon MP Nadim Zahawi has been appointed Minister of Finance. (Image: Getty)

They said: "I think Boris can survive this with a fresh and imaginative Minister of Finance.

The Cabinet Minister also suggested that the Prime Minister could move beyond the pincher scandal by appointing a tax-reducing Prime Minister.

They said: "I'm sure it's a fair evaluation, but let's see if Liz [Truss] is his choice."

But The Cabinet Minister was not very convinced when asked if the move would help stabilize Mr Johnson's prime minister.

They said: "It's hard to know. MP is an interesting beast."

Stratford-upon-Avon MP Nadim Zahawi was later announced as Johnson's new right arm.

Shortly after the former Secretary of Education was appointed Prime Minister, a cabinet colleague added, "Nadim will provide a solid Tory policy that I am confident about."

Johnson appeared to be rebellious even after attending a meeting of at least 80 members of parliament.

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Boris Johnson has suggested it will be easier to cut taxes with a new occupant in Number 10.

Boris Johnson is number 10. Suggested that tax cuts with new residents will be easier.(Image: Getty)

Sajid Javid announced his resignation shortly before ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Sajid Javid announced his resignation shortly before former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. (Image: Getty)

Allies are aiming for Mr. Snack, but the Prime Minister is grateful for the service of the former Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister wrote to Richmond MP, who supports Brexit:

Tory rebels proudly reject the label and instead raise a 1922 vote of no confidence against Mr Johnson, claiming to be "the overwhelming majority of parliamentary parties and voters." We are mobilizing for.

A few days before the pincher scandal took number 10, one rebel returned to Congress on , following the summer. After a break, Johnson said he could face a challenge.

However, North West Leicestershire, a former Johnson ally and a key member of the European Research Group, said that a Conservative colleague changed the 1922 committee rules to become prime minister. He told Sky News that he believed he would hold another confidence vote. ..

Conservative top figures upheld Mr Snack and Mr Havid's decision to resign from the government.

Former Brexit Minister Sir David Frost wrote in a telegram:

"Last night, Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak did the same.

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Ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak (left) and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right).

Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (left) and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right). (Image: Getty)

Sajid Javid (left), Rishi Sunak (centre) and Boris Johnson (right) walking down Downing Street.

Sajid Javid (left), Rishi Sunak (center), Boris Johnson (right) Is walking down the streets of Downing. (Image: Getty)

"Other ministers consider whether they are really happy with the current direction of travel.

Thirsk & Malton MP's Kevin Hollinrake said: Another MP who previously expressed his support for the Prime Minister


"Rishi and Saji. It's very big. [I] I think more will come."

When Johnson was forced to resign, the MP He said:

Johnson's endless hardship came after months of speculation about his future.

After the long-awaited Sue Gray report was released to the party, Mr Johnson remained injured after 148 lawmakers voted against it in a vote of no confidence last month.

Despite 211 lawmakers supporting the Prime Minister, Johnson said former leader Oliver Dowden followed a devastating double defeat in the by-elections at Wakefield and Honiton. Faced another challenge after resigning&Tiberton on June 23.