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6 iconic movie and TV rides that were actually a little shit

Aug 10, 2022

Off on holidays. You want to annoy the locals with your infuriating enthusiasm. do these things.

Eat at non-tourist restaurants

Tourist restaurants are there for a reason. They rip you off and keep you a safe distance from the locals who actually know how to eat spaghetti with a fork. Stay away from processed eateries and pay in the wrong currency.

Try to prove you're a local

You spent a long weekend in Vienna in 2005. area. Wander the streets of the city, explaining its history and customs out loud to your friends while getting the details wrong. Mozart was born on this street. Who cares, he was now. For maximum stimulation, it presents banal stereotypes as if they were insider knowledge.

Assuming you understand

You said that after two days he quit Duolingo, but English It's a universal language, so it doesn't matter. Cheerfully ask people for directions in your native language, recalling colonial arrogance. Foreigners are sure to appreciate the opportunity to practice conversational English. Either that, or sigh and walk away.

Show people what a great time you are having

Foreign cities are where real people lead busy and stressful lives. A real place where you are. What they don't want to see are crowds of gleeful tourists eating ice cream and clogging the streets in the middle of work. If you really want to piss off the locals, line up at their favorite lunch spot and rave about your relaxing holiday.


It's not enough to just see and like a great landmark. You need to take dozens of photos, including regular shops, sidewalks, and interesting manhole covers. In that case, stop suddenly in the middle of the street and let people come in from behind. Would you like to share any of these snaps on social media? of course not.

August 10, 2022

Remember those cool cars and vans you once saw in movies and TV? These six are a pain to own and drive in real life.

General Lee – Duke of Hazard

Cousins ​​Bo and Luke His Duke slips across the hood of his orange Dodge Looked effortlessly cool while jumping in through a window with a charger. But when he test drove his father's Ford in his Escort at the age of 9, the hood dented and he climbed out the window and nearly broke his neck. At least there were no dangerous flags on the roof.

Invisible Aston Martin – Die Another Day

A car as fucking as the movie that produced it. It's hard to find your car in the supermarket parking lot, so imagine trying to find this bandit when you pop out for a meal. Someone probably left a big dent.

KITT – Knight Rider

The driver and An immortal crime-fighting vehicle that can talk. Anyone who's ever used car navigation knows how infuriating it can be to have a robotic voice calmly tell you how to get out of a residential area. You're not even on your way to destroying a cargo of nuclear weapons. You drive to the dentist.

A-Team Van – A-Team

A-Team quickly escaped from a high-security prison and life as a fugitive We decided to travel in a huge black van with distinctive red stripes on the sides. They couldn't have stood out any more had they tried. Yes, it looked cool, but pulling a similar stunt would get you caught and banged within minutes.

Flintmobile – Flintstones

Fred Flintstones seemed to have it all. Good job, big house, beautiful wife. But his car was prehistoric junk. Not only was there a tire rock, but poor Fred certainly had to move it with his bruised and blistered feet. It didn't even have storage space. Why didn't we pick up the mammoth's oversized ribs instead?

DeLorean DMC-12 – Back to the Future

The only good thing about this car is its time travel ability, and even that was tough. How are you supposed to reach 88 mph when you meander awkwardly through country lanes or nudge through commuter traffic? Also, the gullwing door is only an impressive novelty on first use - you'll be trading it in after a week.