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MP Patrick Grady's SNP victim has suspended e-mail under threat of disciplinary action

Victims of the sexual pest MP Patrick Grady are under threat of disciplinary action by party bosses.

His email was suspended after he contacted his colleague and complained about how to handle his case.

Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labor PartyJackieBailliesaid: Ian Blackford really needs to go.

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Grady, a member of Glasgow North Made unwanted progress for teenageSNPworkers at a bar in London in 2016. MP.

He was temporarily suspended from the party group and infuriated the victims.

It is understood that a 25-year-old man recently sent an email to his colleague complaining about various issues, including Blackford's official statement about the scandal.

He also claimed that senior MP Kirsten Oswald was not responding to the communication and that Westminster staff were unsafe.

In response, Oswald said his colleague felt "upset and threatened" in the content of the email and urged him to "stop."

She added that continuing to send e-mails could be treated as "misconduct" and "subject to further action" under "disciplinary action".

Oswald also expressed concern about the well-being of his staff and repeated offers to engage in occupational health services.

Given that he is on a "long vacation", as a "protective measure" she notified the man that access to work emails would be temporarily suspended. The claim was first reported in the sun.

SNP said it was unable to comment on staffing issues.

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