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A Spanish holiday warning that the British told them to anticipate "serious turmoil" this summer at these six airports

BRITS have been warned to prepare for more "serious turmoil" when traveling to Spain this summer.

Tourism Alliance Exceltur, South and NorthTenerife, Gran Canary,Malaga,Mallorcaairports for special warning Was selected.

These airports are particularly popular with British people, so the organization states that there will be "serious and serious disruption."

And Exceltur states that it is "urgent" to improve the provision of border control to improve the situation.

José Luis Zoreda, Vice President of Exceltur, said the turmoil was caused by a "strong explosion" of demand, which would be particularly bad for recording the largest arrivals of British tourists. This includes all airports in theCanary Islands.

Madrid-At Barajas Airport, Zoleda added that the shortage of passport management needs to be "urgently" corrected.

Exceltur said that Spanish airport authorities have shown so far that "excellent professionals" have been shown, given that AENA is not responsible for the problem and the large number of tourists arriving in Spain each year. He states that he praises "rhythm".

Zoleda said it was due to a shortage of personnel, coupled with the effects ofRyanair and easyJet strikesand flight cancellations.

He urged the Ministry of Interior to ensure that all major tourist airports and Madrid-Barajas have all the necessary police resources to facilitate passport management. 

"These are causing significant unpleasant problems and inconveniences for tourists who want to fly to Spain," he said.

"The Ministry of Interior must provide the necessary means so that the Spanish airport stands out as the best gateway for tourists to enter and leave our country."

In May, Majorca vacationers using the airport waitmore than an hourto pass the "crowded and crowded everywhere" security check. I was forced to do that.

And with both Ryanair and easyJet staff striking again, further turmoil is expected throughout Spain this month.

The UK Foreign Ministry, even, has updated travel adviceto warn British people about future strikes.

Ryanair strikes were proposed July 12-15, July 18-21, July 25-28, Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, It affected 10 bases in Alicante, Seville, Palma and Valencia. , Girona, Santiago de Compostela, Ibiza.

In addition,easyJetstrikes will take place between July 15th and 17th and July 29th and 31st.

However, there is hope asis allowed in Spain. British people use eGateat the airport to speed up the airport queue.

Despite the welcome boost, vacationers must be stamped with on their passport, even when using eGate. You are warned to confirm.

This is because the new restriction of allows British people to stay for only 90 days in 180 days. The woman

 was banned from entering Spain because she did not have an exit stamp on her passport .