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Stranger Things 4 will be the second Netflix title with over 1 billion hours in 28 days

The fourth season of

Stranger Thingsbecame the second original title in the history ofNetflix. Viewing time has exceeded 1 billion hours. In the first 4 weeks of release.

So far, the only series that has achieved this distinction was the Korean thrillersquid game.

Squid Gameholds a record of most of the time watched within 28 days of its release, according to Netflix's own metrics, a staggering 16.5. We have accumulated 100 million hours.Stranger Things 4 , watched for a total of 1.15 billion hours within the first 28 days of availability, became the first English series to pass a milestone. .. The fourth season of

Stranger Thingswas released in two batches, the first season arriving at the streaming service in June.

Last Friday (July 1st), the last two episodes of the season dropped on Netflix.

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Elsewhere, some of theStranger Thingsstars, following some complaints about the latest batch of episodes, one of the next five seasons Making two requests.

'Squid Game' is still Netflix's biggest immediate hit


Complaints are {series 53} response from the creators of Matt and Ross Duffer.

David Harborwas recently co-starred by hisyoungerStranger Thingsduring a newmine. I was involved in Hara. "said. Interview with The Independent.

In otherStranger Thingsnews, fans recently discovered that the ending of a recent series was actually givenby castback members in 2016..