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Stranger Things' David Harbor lost five stones using an extreme diet for his role

David Harbor needs an extreme diet to lose five giant stones before replaying his role in theNetflixseries at Stranger Things It states that.

The 47-year-old actor played Jim Hopper in a hit show and was forced to drop his pound so that he could remain convincing as his character. At the

show, Hopper was taken prisoner in Gulag, Russia, and David had to make sure that his physique matched that of a person thus imprisoned.

Dropping five stones is not easy, David said it was a "difficult process". The

actor told Sally Newgent and John Kay at breakfast that the tactic he adopted most was hunger and took extreme steps to reach his goals. Told.

David Harbor dropped five stones in an extreme diet(


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David said:

He added: "That's the secret. If you're interested in the secrets of the diet, it's just not eating food."

David is currently boarding at the Ambassadors Theater in London, starring at Madhouse. I'm stepping on. He continued. Season I was 190 years old.

David Harbor as a Jim Hopper for Stranger Things(



He also used the same sword at the Netflix show as Arnold Schwarzenegger's in Conan's film. I made it clear.

The iconic sword was used in the 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian and its sequel, Conan the Destroyer.

He showed a part of the movie's history onInstagram, and David captioned the snap. ..

David Harbor needed to lose weight because of the role of Stranger Things (


Provided by: Netflix)

"Unlucky a lovely fan was founded in ep7 and died prematurely nearby. I found a still image when used by a prisoner. The cells next to our glacier pit.

"But the real excitement behind this is the incredible ST. The sword that the Props Department (which reveals yourself so that I can trust you) gave me is that the actual sword used to shoot both CONAN movies.

"It was as heavy as hell and it was a great honor to behave. @Schwarzenegger-I'm ready to accept a note about my technique."

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