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People in their 40s and older who seek thrills prefer to ride a roller coaster or hike rather than go to a beach break

Thrill-seeking people over the age of 40 will be more adventurous on their trip. Four in ten choose to go hiking, trekking, roller coasters, or skiing instead of traditional beach breaks.

A survey of 2,000 adults over the age of 40 found horseback riding, road cycling, wild camping and mountain biking to be one of the most popular holiday activities while relaxing by the pool.

Snorkeling, kayaking and ziplines have also appeared among the popular activities that older generations want to try.

Of those who have not yet experienced such activities, nearly three-quarters (73%) want to be more active after a pandemic.

More than half (56%) want to make as many memories as possible, and 49% are enthusiastic about making the holidays fun again.

The investigation was commissioned by Voltarol. The survey also created a quiz to find out how adventurous you really are when it comes to going on vacation.

Brand Hannaford said: What can make a difference is how healthy, active and bold you are.

"The fact that almost half of adults over the age of 40 are more adventurous is the incredible physical and mental health of driving yourself out of the comfort zone. It's a good sign because it can bring the above benefits.

"It's no surprise that hiking has emerged as a top holiday activity for people in their 40s and above, because pursuit isn't wild. It may seem calm, but the breathtaking scenery, blood-stimulating heart movements and clearing of the hobby's mind, the side effects of defeating you in terms of adventure, no matter how old you are. You can't.

"Aside from age, it's always important to be as careful as possible to have fun and avoid unnecessary injuries."

In this study, adventurous spirit Almost half of the few people tend to do things little by little during their vacation, and more than one-third (35%) are concerned that picking it up can lead to injury. Notch of their activity.

As a result, some people prefer to stick to slow-paced activities such as visiting nearby towns, eating out, or going to the beach.

And 42% acknowledge that it takes more time to recover from the physically demanding activity of the holidays.

Almost half (45%) are afraid to hurt themselves, and one-third have previously hurt something during their adventures.

Almost a quarter (23%) of them broke their bones and one in five (19%) dislocated something.

And a poll conducted via OnePoll found that when vacationers faced injuries, 45% admitted that the rest of their vacation would be delayed, and 4 out of 10 would be very much in the future. It turned out to be adventurous.

Hannah Ford states:

"But this shouldn't prevent people from trying new ways of adventuring with family and friends while making new memories on their holidays. There are plenty of great activities for all ages.


"Our advice is to move things slowly, know your limits, and make sure that all the activities you do are safe and responsible."

The top 20 adventurous vacations over 40 are

  1. hikes
  2. riding roller coasters
  3. riding
  4. snorkeling
  5. road cycling
  6. } Trekking
  7. Skiing
  8. Kayaking
  9. Wild Camp
  10. Mountain Hikes
  11. Mountain Climbing
  12. Zipping
  13. Jet Skiing
  14. Rock Climbing
  15. Quad Bike
  16. Surfing
  17. Canoeing in a torrent
  18. Wind surfing
  19. Parag rider
  20. Parasailing

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