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Tories demand that Boris Johnson be forced to leave No. 10 today and not be a caretaker

Worried senior Tories are soon kicked out of number 10 for fear of further damageafterBoris Johnsonbends the Constitution. I hope that. In the seat of power.

The retiring Prime Minister signaled that he would probably remain a caretaker until a new Tory leader was elected in September. This creates a two-month uncertainty.

Interim measures are usually indisputable, but the Prime Minister once refused to leave the government first after a cabinet rebellion or previously breaking other laws and customs. There was not.

George Freeman, who resigned from the Minister of Science today, tweeted: The prime minister will take over today. "

This allows the minister to "go back to work&choose a new conservative leader to repair the damage&and rebuild trust," he adds. rice field.

Former School Minister Nick Gibbsaid:

"After losing so many ministers, he lost the trust and authority needed to continue. Candidate leaders to stabilize the government while new leaders are elected. "We need a deputy prime minister,"

Former Brexit Minister David Frostsaid Johnson "is now definitely a caretaker during the leadership elections." I can't be the prime minister. "

"We have a deputy prime minister who can play that role directly, he should," he added – Dominic Raab was mentioned.

Dominic Cummings, Dominic Cummings, a former aide to Mr Johnson and now a bitter enemy, was insensitive.

"He's still playing for a while&doesn't try to maintain" dignity "or" provisional during a leadership contest. " Raab will be acting as interim Prime Minister by the evening.

AndRuth Davidson, a former Tory leader in Scotland, warned: It makes no sense to think he can. Someone needs to grab this.

Other prime ministers used the caretaker period to shape their heritage. In particular,Theresa Maypassed a groundbreaking law to make the UKnet zerocarbon emissions.

Johnson aspires to do the same and has the additional motivation to stay in Downing Street for another 28 days to last longer than his predecessor.

Extraordinarily, Mr Johnson is believed to be still planning a big economic speech in the coming weeks, perhaps to shape significant decisions about future fiscal policy, including tax cuts.