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Tory Leadership Contest: Polls show Ben Wallace likes to be the next prime minister

Conservative MPBen Wallaceis popular among Tory members as leader and prime minister on behalf ofBoris Johnson..

Defense Ministerhas defeated all other candidates in aYouGovpoll on conservative voters.

Pollsters asked members who to choose in a direct confrontation contest and asked about different scenarios with different candidates.

In all scenarios, including Mr. Wallace, he won by a considerable margin.

Former soldiers and MPs of Wire and Preston North, who played a key role in Britain's response to the Ukrainian War, are also at the top of the members' tastes, albeit a few.

Tory ranks and members of the file will ultimately determine who will be prime minister, but from the last two candidates narrowed down by Conservative lawmakers from a wider range. Can only be selected.

This means that Wallace will not be able to make the last two if Westminster's parliamentary party cannot build a sufficient support base.

Wallace outperforms Liz Truss by 48% to 29%, Penny Mordaunt by 48% to 26%, Rishi Sunak by 51% to 30%, and Jeremy Hunt by 58% to 28%. increase. 22 percent.

He is at the top of the widespread candidates with 13% as the first priority vote, with Mordant slightly above 12% and Snacks slightly above 10%.

Liz Truss trails at 8%, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab trail at 7% each. Tom Tugenhat has 6 percent, Jeremy Hunt and Nadim Zahawi have 5 percent, and Sajid Javid has 4 percent.

However, Tory members are only part of the story, and all candidates must survive the early rounds of the contest and be approved by fellow MPs.

Preference may change during the leadership contest itself. In leadership contests, candidates (often relatively unknown) place stalls. Wallace has not yet announced that he will participate in the contest.

So far, YouGov's vote on party preference has been broad and accurate in both Tory and Labor contests. Pollsters quiz weighted samples of 716 members.

Johnson will announce his resignation on Thursday after more than 50 lawmakers have resigned from government in protest of the handling of sexual abuse cases by his coalition of political parties.