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Ukrainian anger when the EU hands Putin's "huge gift" in a war effort: "He is rubbing his hands with delight!"

The EU's proposal to ban Russia's gas blocked by Orban is what experts say

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Sustainable investmentEUclassification tells you which investment is "green" It is a classification system to decide. Allow access to bumper funds for specific industries. After months of intense debate among various factions about whether to includegasand nuclear power in this system, the EU Parliament finally chaired the European CommissionUrsula von der. It resolved to support Leyen'splan.

The move has been criticized by key Ukrainian politicians and scientists, claiming to give Russian President Vladimir Putin power over Europe.

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Inna Sovsun tweeted:

The 361 MEPs who voted for&handed him a huge gift by labeling the gas&nucleus as "green."

"Thanks to the brave 278 MEPs who opposed it. It wasn't enough, but it won't stop the fight.

" The EU government has imported Russian gas. Must be banned. "

‘Putin rubbing hands with glee’: Ukraine fury as EU hands Russia ‘huge gift’ with gas vote

'Putin rubs his hands with delight': Ukraine rages when EU gives Russia a "huge gift" in a gas vote(Image: Getty)

The EU has classified natural gas as green

The EU has classified natural gas as green(Image: Getty) )

Svitlana Krakovska, a Ukrainian climate scientist and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said:

"Russia's war against Ukraine is a war paid by fossil fuels that heat the climate, and the European Parliament decides to boost billions of Russian funding for fossil gas.

"In the world, it is in line with Europe's attitude to protect our planet and confront Ukraine."

Despite these concerns, Russia Germany, which obtains one-third of its gas from, requires the inclusion of natural gas in its taxonomy, which means it can continue to send billions of dollars to Ukraine.

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Gas pipeline flowing from Russia to Europe

Gas pipeline from Russia to Europe(Image: Express)

Berlin uses gas as a transition fuel to help Europe move away from the dirtiest energy sources on its route to Net Zero. I tried to justify that position by insisting that it should be.

On the other hand, nuclear energy, which does not emit carbon directly, produces radioactive waste and is the subject of intense debate about the sustainability of its energy source.

France, which derives 70% of its electricity from nuclear power, has led this tariff to label it as a green investment.

In the newly adopted plan, natural gas can be considered a sustainable investment if "renewable energy sources cannot produce the same energy capacity".

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Nuclear power was included on France's insistence

Nuclear power is France's claim(Image: Getty)

Also, for the country to switch to renewable energy or "low carbon gas" You need to make a plan.

Meanwhile, the EU Commission has stated that nuclear energy can be called green if the project promises to dispose of radioactive waste.

Johanne Schroeten, Policy Adviser for the E3G Climate Think Tank, said:

"The EU is currently setting a dangerous precedent for low ambitions that other countries and jurisdictions should follow."

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Germany has insisted on gas's inclusion, despite the risk of handing Russia more money

Germany insisted on the inclusion of gas, despite the risk of giving more money to Russia( Image: JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP (via Getty Images)

EU Commission decision is Austria and anti-nuclear countries As famous as Luxembourg, it has pledged to sue the European Commission in the European Court of Justice.

Meanwhile, activists like WWF "stop this greenwashing and explore all potential paths for further action to protect the credibility of the EU's classification as a whole." I am saying.