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Ukrainian News-Live: Russia bombs Snake Island after Ukrainian troops raise flag

Putin declares victory in the Luhansk region after the fall of Lisichansk

Russia, Ukrainian troops defeat Snake Island A national flag that is a symbol of rebellion claiming that a fighter attacked Snake Island shortly after the attack.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that a missile was launched on the island of the Black Seaearly Thursday, killing an unspecified number of Ukrainian troops, butUkrainewas not injured.

It happened shortly after the image of Ukrainian troops raising the Ukrainian flag on the island.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said:

"Russian Aerospace Force aircraft immediately launched a high-precision missile attack on Snake Island, resulting in the destruction of some Ukrainian soldiers."

Andrey Yamak, chief of the Ukrainian President's staff, previously posted a video on the Telegram of three soldiers holding a large Ukrainian flag on the island. Russian troops withdrew on June 30 after being hit hard by Ukrainian artillery.


Russian Anna According to the list, "suspension of operations" prior to the new attack

According to analysts, Russia is trying to reorganize the country's army for a new attack. , May temporarily mitigate the attack in Ukraine.

According to the War Institute, Russian troops did not claim or evaluate the acquisition of territory in Ukraine "for the first time in 133 days of war" on Wednesday.

U.S.-based think tanks may have taken a "operational suspension" with Moscow without a "total suspension of active hostilities." I suggested that.

"Comparison as the Russian army sets conditions for more important offensive operations and seeks to rebuild the fighting power needed to attempt more ambitious projects. It is likely to be a small-scale offensive action. "The Institute said.

The shootings continued in the eastern part of Ukraine, with at least nine civilians in 24 hours. Ukrainian officials said they were killed and six were injured.

The Ukrainian Presidential Office updated Thursday morning with cities and villages in seven regions of Ukraine. Said that it was shot in the past day. Most of the civilian deaths occurred in the state of Donetsk, where the fighting continued, where seven civilians, including children, were killed, according to the Presidential Office.


Russia kills Ukrainian troops with a missile attack on Snake Island

The Russian Defense Ministry said that after a Russian military aircraft landed in the Black Sea to raise the Ukrainian flag, an unspecified number of Ukraine on Snake Island in the Black Sea this morning. He said he had attacked and killed the army.

"Around 5 am, several Ukrainian soldiers landed on the island from a motorboat and took pictures with their flags raised. "Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, said.

"Russian Aerospace Force aircraft immediately launched a high-precision missile attack on Snake Island, resulting in the destruction of some Ukrainian soldiers."

The chief of the Ukrainian President's staff, Andrey Yamak, previously posted a video on the telegram of three soldiers holding a large Ukrainian flag on the island. It has been heavily bombarded by Ukrainian artillery.

Ukrainian service members put the national flag on Snake Island

(Ukrainian military press service / distribution via Reuters)

A small island occupied by Russia from Ukraine February The war is strategically important due to its proximity to the Sea Lane near the port of Odesa in Ukraine.

Russia said last week that it had withdrawn from Snake Island as a "gesture o". "Goodwill" indicates that the United Nations tried to open a humanitarian corridor and did not prevent the shipment of grain from Ukraine.

Ukraine said it had expelled Russian troops after an artillery and missile attack.


Finland passed a law to strengthen the security of the Russian border

The Finnish parliament has voted in favor of a law that allows barriers at the border with Russia and allows the closure of the 800-mile frontier from asylum seekers in "exceptional situations". I did.


Russia's war in Ukraine to overturn G20 negotiations in Bali

Foreign Ministers from 20 major wealthy and developing countries groups, despite agenda focused on global cooperation and food,UkraineGathering in Indonesia's resort island Bali for negotiations that should be dominated by the conflict in. Energy security.

A day's rally takes place on Friday on the Hindu "Island of the Gods", most of the countries of the majority of Muslim archipelago.

Emphasizing the background of the tensions at the meeting, China's Foreign Minister Wang Lee and Russia's chief diplomat Sergei Labrov stop by various capitals of Asia on their way to Bali. , Strengthen support and local ties prior to negotiations.

Foreign ministers from a group of 20 major wealthy and developing countries are resorts in Indonesia It is gathered in Bali, which is an island. Despite the agenda focused on global cooperation and food and energy security,

for negotiations to be dominated by the conflict in Ukraine

Ukrainians obsessed with life at the forefront:'We are patriots'

Viktor Lazar shares the battlefield balcony with opera glasses and small orange snakes. The only companion in the apartment that looks like sitting on the edge of the world.

You rarely need opera glasses like jokes — the front lines can be seen without them. Lazar claims to be unaware, but the roar of Russian and Ukrainian artillery is still audible. Below his balcony is one of many craters. On the nearby street, the Grad Rocket Launcher passes by.

Lazar estimates that Russians are only 10 km (6 miles) apart.

When Russia's invasion of Ukraine is in its fifth month, it is part of the front line. A region that has been shattered and almost abandoned


Ukrainian MP , To the successor of Boris Johnson, "Do more'for Kiiff in the war with Russia

A prominent Ukrainian opposition member said:UKHe called on the Prime Ministerto do {more than {more than {for Kiif. " 210} Boris Johnson, the British leader's prime minister, appeared to be nearing the end with shame and the imminent appointment of a new prime minister.

Johnson has been a voice ally ofUkrainesince Russia's invasion in February and has visited Kib's President Zelensky twice. His last visit came in June when he promised British training for the Ukrainian army.

Lesia Vasylenko has set a "high benchmark" by the British Prime Minister, but support from London Is more important than ever in the war with Russia in Ukraine


Russia attends G20 conference Ukrainian conflict

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Labrov is set to be overshadowed by the tensions caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I jumped into Bali, a resort island in Indonesia, for a meeting of G20 foreign ministers.

The G20 rally will be held in the host country Indonesia until Friday. This year, we are working on a balanced action to host a global summit that is plagued by geopolitical pressure and the global food crisis blamed on the war.

On Thursday, the Nusa Dua district of Bali, where the summit is being held, was heavily guarded as foreign diplomats landed on a tropical island for a meeting. rice field.

Before arriving in Bali, German Foreign Minister Annarenaberbock allowed Russia to use the G20 conference as a platform given the war in Ukraine. He said it shouldn't be.

"It is in the interest of all of us to ensure that international law is respected and complied with. That is the common denominator," Baerbock said in a statement. I am saying.

At the summit, Labrov, a longtime Foreign Minister of President Vladimir Putin, and some of Russia's biggest critics since Moscow's invasion of Ukraine were the first. A face-to-face meeting will be held. It is called a "special military operation".

Lavrov arrived in Bali and was scheduled to meet with the G20 counterparts by the summit, Russian press TASS reported, but Baerbock and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. And other ministers have ruled. I'm going to meet Lavrov.


Russian grain ship departs Turkish port-data

Refinitiv's ship tracking data showed that Zhibek Zholy, a Russian-flagged freighter suspected of carrying stolen Ukrainian grain, left the port of Karas in northwestern Turkey late Wednesday. ..

On Sunday, Ukraine's ambassador to Turkey said Turkish authorities had detained the ship. Reuters previously reported that Ukraine had requested Turkey to arrest the ship.

On Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed it as a false report of the detention of the ship by the authorities.

Kyiv has accused Moscow of stealing grain from territories seized by Russian troops since the invasion began in late February.

Kremlin, who calls this action a "special military operation," has previously denied that Russia stole Ukrainian grain.


Due to Russian circumstances, the G20 conference will not be open as usual. The agenda of the official

G20 and this week's Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Bali is important, but the situation in Russia makes it impossible to do business as usual, the U.S. State Department said. Said a senior official on Thursday.

The United States wants to ensure that nothing in the G20 does not justify what Russia is doing in Ukraine, officials said. Advance the security agenda.

Officials said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a trilateral meeting with Japanese and Korean counterparts, and the meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister was responsible for their relationship. Said to manage.


Russia will financially support the invasion of Ukraine with new legislation

Kremlin can use the latest legislation on special economic measures proposed on Tuesday to financially support the invasion of Ukraine. , The British Department of Defense said Thursday.

"On July 5, a law proposed by the Russian government on" special economic measures "passed the first reading in Duma. This law is likely to be adopted and will give authorities special authority over labor relations. Revitalization of mobilization facilities. And to free up assets from state reserves, "MoD said in the latest intelligence update.

The law may be Kremlin's attempt to implement economic measures to support "special military operations" with a formal declaration of state mobilization that remains politically sensitive. It's highly sexual. "

It also makes it possible to avoid admitting that Russia is engaged in war and that it was unable to overcome the large number of defeated Ukrainian troops. Said the ministry.

At the forefront, the Pentagon confirmed a fierce fire along the Donetsk border on Wednesday, but "there was little progress by Russia."

He added that the Russian units involved in last week's profits are likely to be restructured now.