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Vladimir Putin is poised to starve millions of people with an evil plan to block the last aid route

VladimirputinandRussiahundreds if they carry out an evil plan to block the last remaining aid route to Syria Ready to starve all people.

People living in the northwestSyriawill be nourished if Russia closes the last remainingUN(UN) aid route by voting to the country You may die from malnutrition. Security Council.

A convoy filled with basic but important food and medicine daily fromTurkeyto northwestern Syria, dominated by rebels, through the Bab Alhawa intersection 450 Trucked to all civilians.

All this is done without the permission ofSyrian President Bashar al-Assadfor the mission of the UN Security Council resolution.

The mission is due to expire on 10 July and all Security Council members must agree to the extension, but Syrian ally Russia may previously exercise veto power. If you exercise your veto, millions of people will die.

Syria is still scrambling to recover from years of airstrikes by Assad and Putin (



"The situation is already weak, but closure can break the actual already weak situation. It's hard to think about, "Abdullah, the unnamed Camp Medical Center manager, told Miller.

Years of fighting and bloodshed have forced tens of thousands of exhausted and horrified civilians to leave their homes and pour into camps in the northwestern part of the country.

The region's largest city, Idlib, has been dominated by Islamic extremist rebels with al-Qaeda ties since 2015, and the region is volatile.

Refugees live in tents and are facing a scorching summer and a freezing winter as the tent leaks from the rain.

The photo gives an overview of the tent that houses the Syrian refugees ({57) } Image:

AFP via Getty Images)

"This remains a very unsafe area. United Nations Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syrian Crisis Mark Cutts added: Mirror.

Dr. Salem Abdan, Health Director of Idrib, told Miller that they would die if they stopped across the border.

He said people were suffering, "The economy is very bad. There is no land and mountains, no water or oil."

Nevertheless, "we Will continue to work, "continues Dr. Abdan.

As the world gets attention elsewhere, Syria is raining on Levant by President Assad and his warm ally, President RussiaVladimir Putin

. I am struggling to recover from the long-standing air bombing.
Damage to buildings in Reuters-controlled town Nylab in the Idlib region of northwestern Syria(

} Image:


This is acoronaviruspandemic, soaring food prices, and a currency plunge. Together, it pushed poverty and hunger to unprecedented highs.

The United Nations World Food Program reports that food prices in Syria have risen800%in the two years to 2022.

"I'm definitely in danger this year," Mark Kay, Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Middle East Communications for the International Rescue Commission, told Miller.

Kay said for the first time that civilians were actually more afraid of hunger than bullets and bombs.

Syrian Muslim pilgrims arrive at the Bab Al-Hawa border, which intersects Turkey(


AFP via Getty Images)

He continues: "There is no way this vacuum can be filled overnight. This Is the lifeline of people, and if you cut the lifeline, you will be sentenced to death.

"People will not have access to the medicines they need. Women miss the sexual reproductive health program and are complete. Preventable deaths may increase in Syria. ”

Other humanitarian aid agencies working with the United Nations support a tattered medical system across Bab al-Hawa across borders. Provides important food and financial assistance.

Kay said economic poverty was the last straw after 11 years of conflict.

UN Security Council Holds Meeting in New York City(


AFP via Getty Images)

He added: "There is an increase in child labor."

Humanitarian agencies say that if Russia blocks the extension, all of this will only get worse, causing a new tsunami of instability throughout the region. I issued a warning that it may be possible.

"When rebels and Turks rampage, or when the Assad regime tries to take advantage of the situation, internal tensions can reach boiling points and easily trigger a return to conflict. There is, "Swedish researcher Aron Land Defense Research Institute told Miller.

Not only this, he continues, but damaging the relationship between Ankara and Moscow "can also harm one of the major stabilizing factors in northwestern Syria."

Putin welcomes Assad(



Russia and China's veto has already removed three of the four original intersections, leaving only Bab Al-Hawa standing.

British diplomatic sources said their perception of Russia's willingness to respect international and humanitarian principles had "slumped."

Therefore, they are now "less confident than before that Russia cares about the consequences of Syrian civilians."

Renewal conversations have been going on for years, and in most cases a dialogue between Russia and the United States is required to reach an agreement.

However, since Putin ordered his army to invadeUkraine, the umbilical cord was cut off.

This photo shows a concrete wall near the Sylvegoz border gate between Turkey and Syria (


AFP via Getty Images)

Lund has a high level of diplomacy between Russia and the United States. Almost completely lacking is a precursor to saying "bad". "

But the Kremlin needs to keep Turkey invested in Syria happy, so Lund says there are also optimistic reasons.

He continued:" Turkey is not completely anti-Russian at this time and is one of NATO's major national and regional actors who do not respond well to denial rights.

"Moscow is big to Turkey, especially in Ukraine's diplomacy. It is very unlikely that you will want to disrupt your relationship with Turkey because of your dependence. "

Northern Syria Damaged house in Atma village in the countryside of Idrib(


YAHYA NEMAH / EPA-EFE / REX / Shutterstock)

British diplomatic sources also told Miller about Turkey's interests. } "In securing cross-border aid" is very important, which is why they are "politically and practically very supportive of the Turks."

Moscow plays a sovereign card and has repeatedly accused Western countries of politicizing humanitarian aid without going through the Syrian government of Damascus.

However, past experience in the besieged area has proved that aid sucked up through the government does not work.

Dr Fadi Hakim of the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation (SAMS) told Al Jazeera that convoys need to get at least seven approvals from security and government agencies.

Children in the Tel Alfkar evacuation camp near the city of Ardana in the Idlib countryside({


Zuma Press / PA Image)

Even with approval, by the time the approved one arrives, the drug will be , It had to be discarded as it expired by the time it finally arrived.

Staff at the Obstetrics and Children's Hospital in Kafurtakalim, north of Idlib, protested that Bab Al Hawa remained open on Wednesday.

One sign states that "a brutal government that killed and forced us out should not provide us with food or medicine."

Another said, "The lives of children, women and the elderly are not cards of political extortion between nations."

The constant cycle of updates and annual diplomatic negotiations is depleted.

This is felt on the ground by civilians who are "very, very worried about what would happen to them if the resolutions were not updated," Katz said.

Kay says it's frustrating to keep the same conversation, rather than talking about ways to improve people's lives.

Instead, "We must use our energy only to maintain what we already have."

Truck drivers and aid workers waiting at the Cilvegozu border gate near the United Nations Center for Global Food Program Relocation(


AFP via Getty Images)

British diplomatic sources are also a "nightmare" for the United Nations I am saying. "Roll one day in Syria that allows the United Nations and humanitarian partners to do their job properly," they continued, giving Britain free access to all parts of Syria. He said he would require the United Nations to have it.

No one knows what Russia will do, and it has not yet been announced how to vote for the resolution, but UN deputy ambassador Dmitry Polyansky said last month that Russia "It is absolutely possible to work with Damascus to organize humanitarian deliveries to all parts of Syria."

But for Syrian refugees in the northwest, talk about the end of humanitarian aid. Only they will become "feeling uneasy".

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