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DWP warns that payment of about £ 650 of living expenses may be delayed

£ 650 living expenseshave been warned by claimants that cash distribution may be delayed.

The first half, worth £ 326, will hit bank accounts from 14th July and will pay "most" of the payments by the end of the month.

Labor and Pension Bureau(DWP) Minister David Rutley responds to and supports written questions in Congress.

He also warned:

This particular warning applies only to those who claimuniversal credits, income-related ESAs and JSAs, income support, and pension credits.

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These families will receive the second half of the £ 650 payment (equivalent to £ 324) in the fall, although no fixed date has been confirmed.

Those with tax credits will not receive their first payment until fall. A second payment will follow in winter. Again, no fixed schedule has been announced.

If you did not receive the money,DWP issued advice on how to challenge the decision.

DWP uses a computer program to identify all the perks tested by means that are subject to the cost of living support.

When you come to pick up the system, the money should be sent to the bank account where you normally receive your profits.

However, if you do not receive cash, DWP says you should contact the office where you pay your profits.

Who is eligible to pay £ 650 for living expenses?

£ 650 payments will only be awarded to those who claim profits tested by means-thus considering your income and savings.

This includes:

  • Child tax deduction

  • Income-based job seeker allowance

  • Income-related employment and support allowance

  • Income Support

  • Pension Credit

  • Universal Credit

  • Labor Tax Credit

I'm not eligible for £ 650-what help can I get?

If you are not eligible to pay £ 650, you need to find out what other support you can get.

A person claiming a particular disability benefit will be paid £ 150, and a pensioner who receives a winter fuel payment will be paid £ 300.

All homes in England, Scotland and Wales will receive an energy charge of£ 400for six months starting October.

This money applies to the energy chargeofand does not need to be paid.

This replaces the £ 200 "loan-not-loan" originally announced by the Prime Minister last year.

The Household Support Fund has also been expanded by another £ 500 million.

Talk to the council to see what the council provides and whether you are eligible for it.

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