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What happened to the Plymouth archers? One Year After Killer Jake Davison's Pointless Spree

Jake Davison shot dead five people in the Plymouth shootingin August 2021. He had previously been referred to the counter-terrorism program by his mother.

Davison wasobsessed with the involuntary incel culture, and had a keen interest in the United States and guns.

But what happened to Davison, where is he now, one year after the shooting?

Here's everything you need to know .

What happened to Jake Davison?

Apprentice Crane Davison, who was his operator, committed murder in Keeham, Plymouth after shooting his mother after an altercation. Her father Lee, 43 years old. Stephen Washington, 59, Kate Shepard, 66.

Plymouth gunslinger Jake Davison was obsessed with porn and guns (



The shooter's attack lasted a total of 12 minutes and the incident took place in just a few weeksHe had two teens After assaulting Ager, his shotgun and gun license were returned to him by local police.

After Davison's rampage, which shot four of his victims in his drive, Vidick of Keham, he walked to Henderson Place.

Upon reaching the road, he shot and mortally wounded his 66-year-old Kate his Shepard, telling a passing resident, "There's nothing to worry about, buddy." rice field.

Where is Jake Davison now?

Jake Davison was born on August 12, 2021. Shot five people (



Shortly after the murder, a passerby Looking at Davison, he explained, "[He] walks like a soldier, like he's on patrol." He has a gun” and with a “non-expression.”

At 6:23 pm, Davison shot himself in Henderson Place.

In investigating the shootings, Davison was referred by his mother Maxine in 2016 to a preventative plan aimed at stopping individuals from radicalizing as terrorists. There was found.

It was later revealed that Davison was obsessed with pornography and that he had an obsession with guns from an early age.

Before his death, Davison described himself as a "terminator," a "fucking fat ugly virgin," and an "incel" (slang for involuntary abstinence), writing about Mass online. I ranted. the shooting and his sexual frustration with being still a virgin.

Lee Martin and his 3-year-old daughter Sophie were shot dead by Jake Davison

After the Plymouth shootings, an autistic man inPlymouth city center was accused of carrying a support doll weeks before the murders.

Following the tragedy, a vigil was held to mourn the victims of the attack, with hundreds gathering to pay their respects. represented.

Today (August 12) North Down Crescent Park will hold a candlelit memorial service at 7pm to mark the anniversary of the shooting.

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