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Who are the potential candidates to replace Boris Johnson in number 10?

Boris Johnsonleadership was hit hardest ever on Tuesday when the two top ministers resigned from each other within minutes. ..

Minister of HealthSajidJavidannounced his resignation after 6 pm, followed by Prime MinisterRishi Sunak

Sunak. Of course expects the government. " "I believe these standards are worth fighting, and that's why I resign."

Mr. Javid said the British people "expect the government to be honest." But voters now believed that Mr Johnson's administration was neither competent nor "acting for the national interest."

The Prime Minister's authority had already been undermined by a distrust resolution that saw 41% of his own members withdraw their support.

June's defeat of by-elections in Tiberton, Honiton and Wakefield prolongs anger at the party breaking the coronavirus blockade in Downing Street, while resigning leader Oliver Douden. Caused.

The resignation of Javid and Sunak's twins means that Johnson's position is now at stake.

Some of the early potential candidates to replace Mr Johnson as Prime Minister are:

– Jeremy Hunt

Former Foreign Minister and Health Minister is Johnson's relentless backbench critic and has asked the Prime Minister to resign.

Hunt is one of the bookmaker's early favorites, with widespread expectations for new bids for leadership in the event of a contest next to Johnson in 2019.

As chairman of the Commons Health Commission, he used his position to make many important interventions in dealing with the government's pandemic, but his strong support for the blockade. Did not please all Tory lawmakers.

– Sajid Javid

Like Sunak, Javid's resignation on Tuesday was due to the famous humble beginning of the Health Minister leaving the government. No. 10 caused confusion.

Educated at a state school, Mr. Havid (known in some circles as "The Saji") arrived in the United Kingdom from Pakistan in the 1960s and was a minister of housing, business and culture. The son of a bus driver who played a role. He became Minister of Health before becoming Prime Minister and in the midst of a pandemic.

Havid reached the final four of the contest on behalf of Theresa May as Tory leader in 2019, but he dropped out and then approved Johnson.

– Penny Mordaunt

Another bookmaker front runner, Ms. Mordaunt, said she was fired by Johnson shortly after she became prime minister. In 2019, he made a wave as Britain's first female defense minister. ..

Ms. Mordant has many strings to bow. She is a British Navy reserve, current Minister of Trade, and former reality television contestant, starring Tom Daley in a face-to-face dive show splash.

She played an important role in the 2016 Brexit referendum withdrawal campaign, and she was previously reported to have been particularly backed by Dame Andrea Leadsom.

– Rishi Sunak

When the coronavirus pandemic occurred, it was he who rose from the relative ambiguity to the household name. It was when he turned on the spending faucet to protect his work through the Farraf project.

His calm and measured deliveries during Covid's briefing on television, and his declaration of viral love for popular soft drinks, are probably always involved in political activity. Resignation on issues with not all people and his Tuesday principles.

However, his stock recently fell after disclosure that his wife was in a non-dome state for tax purposes and was too late to respond to her living cost crisis.

– Tom Tugendhat

The multilingual chairman of the Diplomatic Commission first announced his intention to represent the leader in the event of a runaway Mr Johnson – Made in January by his declaration.

Former soldiers, the remnants of 2016, have severely criticized Mr Johnson. This is a position that seems to have given him the opportunity to appoint a minister under his current leadership.

He recently sought to distance himself from a call by his fellow National Defense Commission Chairman Tobias Elwood to rejoin the EU Single Market.

– Liz Truss

Foreign Minister she channels her late PM Margaret Thatcher.

Her hard-line attitude towards Ukraine argues that she must expel Russian troops from the country, and her threat to abolish the Northern Ireland Protocol with the EU is one of her parties. It works well with the department.

Away from politics, Truss' talent for social media is outside Westminster by relaxing on the beach and updating his Instagram account with relaxing photos behind the scenes of official events. I've seen it provide insights into life. Her passion was combined with a bizarre effect in 2014 when her incredibly enthusiastic speech about opening a pork market in Beijing became viral.

– Ben Wallace

The Defense Minister is his candid and candid in Westminster, especially among Tory lawmakers who have called on Britain to increase it. I won praise for my approach. Defense spending continues to be a source of concern due to the reduced size of the Army.

Wallace, who worked for the Scots Guards, remains a key speaker in Britain's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and this increased exposure could support the bidding of any leader. ..

He has consistently endorsed Mr Johnson, but he has insisted on increased defense spending.

– Nadim Zahawi

If the other candidate turns out to be too split, the new prime minister will be considered a "safe pair of hands" There is also.

A successful businessman, he became widely known as the Vaccine Minister during the pandemic and is said to have played an important role in the successful deployment of the jab.

Born into a Kurdish family in Iraq, he came to England at the age of nine when his parents fled the Saddam Hussein administration.

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