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Who is likely to replace Boris Johnson?

The race to replace Boris Johnson with Tory leader and prime minister finallyon Thursday morning, following the resignation of the minister and the avalanche of a cabinet strike. After agreeing to quit 4}, things are going well.

Johnson vowed to stay until the fall to keep the government wheeling until the party can appoint a permanent successor. However, it was unclear if he could last this long, and some lawmakers were furious at the handling of the recent series of scandals and the harsh nature of his resignation.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid resigned twice on Tuesday, prompting the collapse of the government. They both swipe Johnson's integrity, and Javid said, "People naturally expect the government to be done properly, competently and seriously."

The straw that broke the camel's back was forced to resign as Deputy Leader last week after Johnson was accused of being a civilian and groping for two men drunk. It was to handle allegations of sexual assault against. The club he denies.

Johnson's list of candidates for succession has grown in recent months. Here is a list of runners and riders.

Penny Mourdant

Penny Mordaunt, Member of Portsmouth North and Minister of International Trade, a key figure in the 2016 referendum campaign EU The referendum is a favorite on behalf of Mr Johnson.

Penny Mordaunt was a major player in the campaign to exclude Britain from the EU

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Mordaunt may be considered an outside bet, but she could gain support. Her recent work includes leading efforts to secure economic agreements with the states of the United States, and she is considered a strong speaker and is seen as at the top of the briefs at the Commons. It has been done.

However, she has recently been criticized for not making a public statement about the future of Mr Johnson's premiership. She hasn't resigned from the government as minister, and while other potential leaders have resigned because of honesty and honesty issues, she instead tweeted support for the crackdown on Priti Patel's smuggling. Was there.

On Thursday morning, she signaled to support Defense Minister Ben Wallace's statement.

Rishi Sunak

The Prime Minister said he was absent from exposure to family tax conditions atThe Independent . I've seen the fate of the declining. 44}

But bookmakers aren't entirely against Snack, who remains the top five lawmakers most likely to take over Johnson's reins.

A 42-year-old kid was once a favorite, at least in part due to pandemic payments, but has since been slow to respond to rising energy prices, enough to help the poorest. It has been criticized for not doing anything. Household.

Rishi Sunak's stock fell after exposure to his family's wealth and tax situation


He resigned as prime minister early and gained some political capital by causing the final downfall of Mr Johnson. Some commentators say his decision not to give a public resignation speech at Commons, unlike Sajid Javid, was a wise political move that worked well with backbenchers.

Jeremy Hunt

Former Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Huntis another candidate who is likely to compete for the Tory crown is.

Hunt, who was also Foreign Minister, has been very prominent in the media these days, interviewing many media outlets and talking about his new book and the future of the Conservative Party. He recently warned his colleagues that the Tories had a "big mountain to climb" to win the next general election following the party gate scandal.

Jeremy Hunt is my favorite instead of PM


Hunt next to Johnson 2019 Leadership Contest,refused to rule out another inclination in the top job, but previously warned that it was not the right time for the leadership contest due to the war in Ukraine. did.

"But I'm very open to you not to exclude future returns," he added.

Liz Truss

Liz Trusshas long been touted as a future leader, but is another candidate.

Southwest Norfolk's Foreign Secretary and MP has established a reputation as a person who can secure a series of mini-trade agreements and get the job done during her tenure as an international trade secretary. After that, I saw her stock rise.

"Fizz with Liz" was a phrase related to the Foreign Minister in reports that he invited parliamentarians to parliamentarians earlier this year and ruled out potential supporters.

Liz Truss has a reputation for being able to get the job done


Herthreat of overwriting some of the controversial Northern Ireland Protocoland sanctions against Russia against Ukraine were successful with conservative backbenchers.

But recently, Downing Street has been criticized for what some have said as a leadership stance during the crisis, away from the Foreign Minister's harsh rhetoric on the Protocol.

She has been traveling abroad for the past few days and has not been drawn into the political struggle on the ground in Westminster. However, she decided to support Johnson from afar, andBBC reported that she was "100% behind PM."

Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace, Defense that was widely praised for his performance when Vladimirputin invaded UkraineMinister122} has a tripartite alliance with Mr. Hunt and Mr. Truss, according to the bookmaker.

He was Westminster and won praise for his candid and candid approach to politics. Especially worried among Tory lawmakers who called on Britain to increase defense spending, despite the fact that the size of the army was shrinking.

Wallace, who worked for the Scots Guards, remains a key speaker in Britain's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and this increased exposure could support the bidding of any leader. ..

Ben Wallace won praise for his approach to war in Ukraine


He has been vigilant, but consider plans to expel the Prime Minister. On Thursday morning, Mr. Wallace made a rather vague statement. "Many of us have a duty to keep this country safe, no matter who the prime minister is.

" The party has a mechanism to change leaders, which I use for my colleagues. It's a recommended mechanism. In the meantime, if we leave these State Councils empty, the public will not forgive us. "

Tom Tugendhat

Tugendhat, a member of Tonbridge and Maring and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, has seen a steady rise in stock prices over the past few weeks.

In January, he became the first Tory member to announce his intention to represent the leader if Mr Johnson resigned.

Tom Tagendat has already announced that he will run if Johnson is banished


A former soldier said: "I think it's pretty clear that it's the responsibility of all of us to move ourselves forward, and in the first case a congressional colleague and in the second case the party chooses. It's up to the voters.

"Of course, I think it's an absolute honesty to say that you should provide yourself to the voters if you think you can. Of course, with your colleagues. You need to talk and see if you can put the group together. If you can put the group together, you need to do it. "

Mr. Tagendat's ambition is the party. It may not be endorsed by everyone in the cabinet, but it is possible to secure him a plum job in a future cabinet.

Nadim Zahawi

Stratford on Avon Secretary of Education and Parliamentarian Nadim Zahawican also get a top job.

He has been sitting near the crown for the past few days after stepping into Rishi Sunak's shoes and becoming prime minister.

Nadim Zahawi was appointed Prime Minister on Tuesday night


Surprisingly Just one day in his new job, he publicly called on Mr Johnson to resign, saying, "The country is not only stable, but deserves a government that acts in good faith."

But his leadership opportunity may be tarred by the fact that he stepped up to defend Mr Johnson in the media round Wednesday morning.

He acknowledged this in an open letter to Mr Johnson on Thursday, stating, "If people don't think about me about that decision, I'm willing to accept it as a criticism." ..

Sajid Javid

Former Minister of Health and Rep. Bromsgrove may also campaign to become future Tory leaders.

When he resigned as Prime Minister in February 2020, his frontline political future was questionable. However, Mr Javid has recovered as Minister of Health since June 2021.

At the 2019 Leadership Contest, he proposed lowering the maximum income tax rate and was reported last month against storm taxes on oil and gas producers.

This could help Mr Javid's instinct and chime and increase his chances, as some within the party are demanding tax cuts.

Sajid Javid previously ran for top job


In his resignation speech in the House of Representatives At the Commons on Wednesday, Javid tried to portray himself as a sincere person. He states: "I conclude that the problem starts at the top. I believe it will not change, that is, for us who are responsible for making that change."

Michael Gove

Michael Gove was one of Boris Johnson's most experienced ministers in the cabinet before being dramatically fired for disloyalty on Wednesday. did.

Although he is a wise politician, he is unlikely to wear a hat on the ring of a new Tory leader.

He ruled out playing against Boris Johnson in a potential leadership race in June and said it was a "mistake" for him to do so in 2016. An interview with a strange BBC breakfast that he used Liverpudlian's accent to suggest that people should "calm down" the lack of additional financial support before the fall budget, despite soaring living costs. ..

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Suella Braverman

Braverman is already vying for her name for future Tory leaders, saying she will run even before Mr Johnson resigns.

She told ITV Robert Pestonon Wednesday night:

She previously called transgender students with their favorite pronunciations and used gender-appropriate toilets so schools didn't have to deal with transgender students. Said.

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Steve Baker

Rebel Tory Congressman Steve Baker He is also considering running for future leadership races, suggesting that some individuals are "begging" him to do so.

He toldTimes RadioThursday morning: ".

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Dominic Raab

Another for leadership I'm Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice.

Raab faced the final winner Johnson in the 2019 contest, but was sent off early from the race, lagging behind Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart.

The Prime Minister appointed him Foreign Minister, but transferred him to a judicial brief about his miserable treatment of Afghanistan's evacuation.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab winks to Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner during PMQ (House / PA)

(PA Wire)

Esher and Walton's very thin majority of seats, Raab, has become one of Johnson's most loyal supporters.

During a recent scandal on sexual misconduct complaints against Chris Pincher MP, who resigned as floor leader after being accused of drunk and groping for two men in a private membership club. , Continued to support his boss.

Mr. Raab was aware of another sexual harassment allegation against Mr. Pincher in 2019. Six months means that Mr. Raab is very unlikely to win the crown of Tory.