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Who is Suera Braverman? President of the lawyer who wants a job for Boris Johnson

Surah Fernandmannis freelance for the prime minister's work in the wake of the turmoil surrounding the bitter situation ofBoris Johnson. I'm busy. She resigned.

But who is the wrong cabinet minister?

Fareham's MP appeared on theITVPeston show on Wednesday night (July 6) after a flood of ministerial resignations.

"If there is a leadership contest, I'll put my name in the ring," Mrs. Braverman called on Mr Johnson to go, she told the broadcaster.

This move was very unusual-and also came for ridicule. Normally, if the cabinet minister no longer trusts the prime minister, he must resign.

And few would have speculated that Mrs. Braverman was one of the first blocks in the nextConservativeleadership race.

Who is Surah Braverman?

Suella Braverman is freelance for the work of the Prime Minister (



Suella Braverman-Previous Suella Fernandes before getting married in 2018- I grew up in Wembley, northwest London. And she was raised by her parents from India who emigrated to England from Kenya and Mauritius in the 1960s.

With a partial scholarship to a paid secondary school, she continued to read the law in Cambridge and became a barrister.

She finally took a big break in the 2005general election, elected in Kent, after standing in many hopeless seats in the Tories.

The vacation activist was given the first ministerial post byTheresa May. Was done. She was appointed Minister ofBrexitin 2018. European Union.

Boris Johnson returned her to Fold and promoted her to a seat around the table in her cabinet in 2020 asAttorney General.

By her appointment,she said she was "burglary" on political issues in a line about Mr Johnson trying to reform court power. I vowed to "regain control" from the judgewho said.

New law just for Sula

Sula Braverman permits She needed a new law to go on maternity leave(


Bloomberg via Getty Image)

The British government resigned from the position of Attorney General because Sula Braverman could not afford to take the leave to give birth from the cabinet position when she took maternity leave to give birth to her second child. A controversial situation that must be done.

Instead, a new law (Minister and other maternity allowance law) was introduced in 2021to be nominated as a "minister on vacation" during pregnancy.

With this change, her deputy Michael Ellis will be her deputy until September 2021. Played a role. And in the future it will apply to the Minister of Women in all such cases.

After returning from her maternity leave, Mrs. Braverman led the Tories on an "anti-awakening" platform aftersaidon issues such as transgender rights. I promised to fight for you.

Before Johnson announces her resignation, she toured the broadcast studio Wednesday morning to shock political critics, urge her to resign, and bring her proceedings a new 10 I urged him to become a top-ranked income earner.

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