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Wildlife SOS' Simon Cowell Reveals Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, Pledges to Continue Legacy

Wildlife SOS host Simon Cowell has unfortunately been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation and popular host of his TV series, the 70-year-old has been working with animal welfare for over 40 years.

His foundation shared devastating news about the star's health, revealing at the end of June that Simon was found to have terminal lung cancer.

They wrote: This is devastating news. He was diagnosed with terminal high-grade lung cancer. ''

Simon has been rescuing animals from his home for over 40 years. His 24/7 charity is still based there, making him one of the busiest Rescue His centers in the country.

Simon Sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer (


SurreyLive - Grahame Larter)

After undergoing chemotherapy last month, the conservationist said he was determined to stay positive.

Simon told SurreyLive. Then I thought you could either give in to it or knuckle down and move things along. It could take years.It could take years.You won't know what's going on until you get chemo.But I stay positive."

He has dedicated himself to animal rescue for over 40 years (

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Sally Miller-Graham Larter)

Simon turned his back on his city career 40 years ago to found the Wildlife Aid Foundation. Wildlife Conservation Charity.

In honor of the star, his foundation said: No second chances.

The Foundation also set up a Just Giving page for people to donate to build the Wildlife Conservation Foundation headquarters.

Stars want to leave a legacy (



Speaking about the Center, Simon said he will continue to support the wildlife in need and teach children about the importance of natural habitats.

Wildlife SOS airs on Animal Planet and has been on the air since 1996.

In addition to special episodes filmed at wildlife centers around the world, the main focus of the series is staff and volunteers at his WAF Wildlife Center in Surrey.

What began as a humble wall-to-wall documentary about life at the Foundation's headquarters quickly expanded into a broader coverage of environmental and animal welfare issues around the world. I give it a star from the presenter, Simon.

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