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A woman who meets her best friend in her first solo adventure encourages others to travel alone

A woman who has the courage to leave on vacationis now very much in favor of traveling without friends after meeting her best friends abroad.

Rachel Couto and Rhein Brown have been close friends since they met while traveling in Mexico

Aspiring East London citizens pay attention to the wind , I will head to South America in the wake of the lockdown of the corona virus.

Rachel always went abroad with her friends from her house, so she wanted to join a solo travel group and stretch her wings to meet new people. rice field.

"I had a standard girl's vacation, but never traveled alone or traveled far," the marketing executive told Miller.

Friends decided to embark on a solo holiday separately (


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"I always wanted to do that, but the people I was with weren't interested in such a vacation It was. I decided to take it plunge after Covid. "

Rachel is" a little worried "about going to the airport and going abroad on her own, a totally unknown social He said he wasn't sure if he could enjoy throwing himself into the situation.

"I went to Mexico and joined the group withWeRoad. I signed one of their tours," said the 30-year-old child. I continued.

"It was a great experience. Everything was planned in 13 days, but you have a lot of freedom. I was very happy to make that choice.

"I went with a very open mind. It was great to meet people while traveling. I met a lot of like-minded people doing the same thing as me. From the age of 27 to the early 30s, there was a mixture of women and men.

They enjoyed watching the sunset together in the Bakaral Lagoon(


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"They are all open to trying new things and we are each other ourselves. Helped push him out of the comfort zone. ”

During a two-week tour of the country, Rachel met her current best friend, Rhein.

"We first spoke at the welcome dinner," she said. "It was very easy. I remember seeing the sunset together in the Bakaral Lagoon. It was very beautiful. It was great. It felt like a journey of life."

Rachel Was a fan of group travel because he could not only make lifelong friends, but also see places like the city of Merida (which she described as "intense") in a safer and more controlled way.

"It opened my eyes to traveling alone," Rachel said. "It's good to go with a group thinking about risk. You have a sense of security, but you can still do your own thing."

In the UK Since returning, Rachel and Rhein have had regular meetings in London and have enjoyed weekends together in cities, including Edinburgh.

In the future, they are planning to go on another WeRoad tour to Indonesia, perhaps together.

Rachel said: "It's not bad to get drunk at home with friends. It's good to do something different."

According to a study conducted by WeRoad, 3 in 5 British women People traveled alone and 31% said they proved to be more independent than originally thought.

WeRoad co-founder Erika DeSanti shared tips for traveling alone. Please check below.

Stay on the grid completely

They spend 13 days touring Mexico in groups (


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Going out to the jungle away, one with nature. It's from a Hollywood movie, but that's exactly it – fiction.

"In the real world, you can be contacted as well as trusted. It's important to make sure you know where you are, even if people are thousands of miles away.

"Friends with travel itineraries, bookings, and planned activities. And send it to your family so that if something goes wrong, they will know where you are.

"Maybe you're traveling to escape technology Maybe, but it can literally be a lifesaver. Most smartphones today offer location sharing, such as the iPhone's "find friends" feature, so you can focus on your exploration. Rather than checking in with a loved one every hour of your trip. ”

Learn the term

"It may be almost impossible to learn the whole language in a few weeks, but you are essential to get through you You can learn the phrase. If you can ask for directions, ask for help, or decline the offer politely, you can easily get through while traveling.

"Access WiFi" If you can, or if you have a mobile phone provider that provides international data, you can move around using the translation app. Who knows, maybe the locals will find you the best experience of your life. I'll help you. "

Number safety

" Traveling alone doesn't mean doing it alone. We are naturally sociable creatures with different backgrounds. Talking to the people who have it not only enriches the travel experience, but also provides safety in case of trouble.

"Accommodation to stay to meet other like-minded travelers So check out social activities and group tours. You may discover hidden places in your area or make lifelong friends. "

" Before you arrive Or, it's always worth asking the reception staff at the property to find out about the area you're staying in.

"Both options identify areas to avoid and do it during your journey. It helps to emphasize the activities that must be done. "

Keep your essentials safe

" Losing your luggage is bad, but your passport, phone, bank card Losing is much worse.

"When traveling alone, a safe bag essential that you can always see.

" Public transportation When using, money, bank card, passport, telephone Keep it in your pocket or in a safe bag. It's unlikely that these items will be lost or stolen, but it's better to be safe than to regret.

"It is always worthwhile to print a copy of your passport and keep it in a safe place in case you lose it while traveling. This is the nearest Serves as a temporary ID to check in to a hostel or hotel while traveling when organizing alternatives from the embassy. ”

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