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Young worker anger at a £ 60 fee to eat McDonald's meal outside with Foster Child

The youth worker remained indignant after being charged £ 60 to park at McDonald's.

A woman wishing to remain anonymous took her child to a meal at a Walsall branch on June 23.

Young workers used drive-throughs as children of caregivers. She was concerned that "she is suffering from anxiety" and she didn't want to go to a restaurant.

They spent only 45 minutes in a Wisemore-based store, but she found a £ 60 fine in a post five days later.

McDonald's, who does not manage on-site parking, states that dining customers have a 70-minute parking limit, anddrivertablets registration details. ..

However, the youth worker said there were no clear signs and he could not leave the child in the car himself.

A foster parent woman said, "I was shocked to receive the fine. I couldn't find any parking notices. There was a constant stream of people going in and out of the restaurant.

"They didn't use the machine to pay, and I didn't see the pay and display tickets in the car, so I thought I didn't have to pay. This offended me.

The woman was shocked to be given a sunny day after using the parking lot. (



"I have a child to enjoy McDonald as part of my job. I was taking it out. Now I had to pay £ 60. This isn't ideal, especially during this cost of living crisis. It was a very expensive McDonald. "

This is not the first time a drive-through customer has been punished for using a McDonald's restaurant whose parking lot is operated by Ocean Parking.

Other unprotected drivers have also been fined £ 100 and a petition has begun on-site for an "extension of deadline."

The drive-through customer's time limit was previously thought to be 10 minutes, but it is believed that it may have been extended to 20 or 30 minutes.

Rep. Lee Ziebonds, who submitted the petition, said: This is an ironic move on behalf of the landowner, not McDonald's.

"But the petitioner uses his commercial power to demand that the landowner extend the deadline to a more reasonable level and withdraw and repay it. All fines that occur within 10 minutes. "

Women who want to be anonymous use drive-through as follows: was doing. The caregiver's child was too anxious to eat in the restaurant(


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The punishment among other drivers includes Tracey Yates, who said, "My husband was fined after waiting in line for 20 minutes at McDonald's." Well collect food-must be free for 1 hour. A 35-minute parking fine was fined £ 100.

James Jari said: "Phil Badis added:

" This is obviously annoying and McDonald's should fight for the customer. "

Letter sent to youth workers In, Ocean Parking said the fine was actually £ 100, but if you pay within 14 days it will be reduced to £ 60.

Ocean Parking "issued a parking fee notice because the driver was parked responsibly. Parking fee at Wisemore Central."

A spokesman said the parking lot in question was a shared parking lot and was neither owned nor operated. McDonald's(


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In response to this story, McDonald's spokesperson is: It states as follows. The parking lot in question is a shared parking lot and is not owned or operated by McDonald's.

"At the restaurant, the time limit for customers to choose a meal is 70 minutes, and the notification displayed states that the customer must enter the car registration details on the specified tablet. It's a reminder.

"If you feel you have been inadvertently fined, we encourage you to contact the parking operator for further assistance."

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