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Zahawi forces Boris to be annoyed to appoint him as prime minister after the wrath of Sunak's resignation

Nadim Zahawi becomes Prime Minister after Rishi Sunak resigns

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The Prime Minister wants to appoint either Foreign Minister Liz Truss or Interior Minister Priti Patel, who runs the Ministry of Finance. It is understood that it was. He would have been willing to offer a rapid tax cut to regain support from Tory's backbench.

But as both older women in his government have already promised help, Mr Johnson threatens to pursue his current replacement, Rishi Sunak, and ex-health. It is understood that he found himself in a conflict with Zahawi. Secretary Sajid Javid went out.

According to sources, Mr Zahawi said he would only stay if given the prime minister's post to improve the country's finances.

After more than an hour of meetings, the former businessman who founded the Yougov polling company left Downing Street as the second most powerful person in the government.

Mr. Zahawi, who has won many praises as Minister of Vaccine and was Minister of Education, is known for his enthusiastic ambitions.

He planned to consider resigning overnight before being called by the Prime Minister because of his concerns that he did not pledge allegiance.

A source related to his leadership team said, "He should have walked, this government is over, but he clearly wants to be able to turn things around enough." Said.

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Nadhim Zahawi

Nadim Zahawi is the new Prime Minister(Image: PA)